Time: Fri Dec 05 01:42:15 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: APB on National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Bcc: sls, friends, liberty lists, 3cc, psc

>In a message dated 97-12-04 10:17:53 EST, you write:
><< We are now pursuing our investigation into
>allegations that this group is now operated by
>the Department of Justice [sic] in Washington, 
>District of Columbia, Janet Reno "presiding."
>If you have any information which leads you 
>to believe that you are being deceived in any
>way by NCMEC, please contact the Supreme Law
>Firm immediately via email to: >>
>This is exactly what I meant when I said I was "paranoid".  Remember the
>trial ... McMartin Pre-School? And the kids were saying that the adults 
>were satanists?  Well, like I said ... there's a LOT of people involved 
>in this, and they are covering their tracks.  On Geraldo today, dealing 
>with missing kids, there was a quote at the end of the show by Anton LaVey,
>head honcho of the Satanist church.  It said something like "we have a lot
>of people in very high places" ... something to that effect. I find it more
>than coincidental that all of these pieces are coming together about these
>children and that these emails and shows just "happen" to come together now,
>also the number 666 of SAFAN that deals with missing children.
>In the Bible you will find other examples of human child sacrifice ...
>such as Nimrod.  He married his mother and they are responsible
>for a lot of paganism that we still see today in the churches.  
>Nimrod was killed by his Uncle Seth, third son of Adam, because 
>of this child sacrifice practice.  I forget where this is in the Bible, 
>but it's there.
>Anyway, I wonder how much good we can do with this?  I remember seeing on
>JOHN Walsh's show, a story about two boys who were killed and laid on a
>train track.  It was surmised that they had run into or had seen something
>dealing with a drug drop.  It is now known that they ran into part of the
>HillaryBillies drug running operation in Ariz.  But we never saw anything 
>of a follow up on Walsh's program.  I wonder why!!
>Also in The Franklin Coverup, there has not been much ballyhoo over 
>what was going on.  Even though a SENATOR was involved in trying 
>to get this perversion stopped!!!!!!!!!
>Also, as I was leaving my house, I believe the Lord spoke to me very
>strongly and said to be careful, because this "missing children" issue 
>could lead to the Biometric Chip being put into children, and "OH JOY",
>won't that be wonderful?  No more missing kids!!  Yeah, right!    
>It's like burning the candle at both ends here!   What is one to do?   
>Well, you let me know how I can help and I will, but I just wanted 
>to let you know all of this and how it could possibly relate to Satan's 
>plan for mankind. 
>BTW, Prince William has a chip in him ... whereabouts on his body 
>is unknown.  This is to deter would-be kidnappers.
>God wins in the End!!

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