Time: Fri Dec 05 14:15:36 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: SSN Info from USTP (fwd)
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>Dearest Friends,
>In response to your inquiry, I recommend the following to be 
>one of the BEST sources for SSN info...and anyone concerned 
>about this issue should immediately join the Fight the Fingerprint 
>email list and visit the web site which is now Web Mastered by Scott 
>McDonald. The latest 2 emails were on SSNs - see below.
>Also, please forgive me if I haven't answered mail addressed to the 
>1776misc list...I confess that I rarely have time to scan through it 
>especially now that I am fighting the battles from USTP HQ in 
>Virginia.  If you address me directly at: linda@tidalwave.net I'll 
>more likely have a chance to respond.
>PS - this address is for personal correspondence only -  please do
>not send me any multiple recipient mail or add to any list. - Thanks.
>PPS - feel free to forward this SSN info to all.
>Note - I'm sending this also to the Brigade and USTP list because I 
>know many of them are also involved in the battle against numbering 
>and cataloging of innocent Americans.
>For the Cause, Linda 
>>>From:             jmrandolph@juno.com
>To:               bearman@IN-TCH.COM
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>Subject:          Re: [1776M] Fob James Knoweth Not What He Doeth Date
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>>On Thu, 4 Dec 1997 19:10:08 -0800 Michael David Heit
><bearman@IN-TCH.COM> writes
>>First of all, praise the Name of Jesus....<snip>
>>How can one get rid of their SSN if one has been issued ? If you have
>> no SSN, are you exempt from paying SS Taxes ? (FICA) God bless you
>>in your battle, smile, Jesus loves you even if big brother doesn't.
>>Mike Heit
>>Mike - Two excellent questions. Should you obtain the answers please
>>forward them on to me. I appreciate your posts. Much more coherent
>>than others on the list. Keep it up.
>>God Bless!
>>John Randolph, Sr.
>>Robards, KY
>Date sent:        Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:24:12 -0600
>From:             "ScanThis@networkusa.org" <mcdonald@advicom.net>
>Organization:     Fight the Fingerprint!
>To:  "fingerprint@networkusa.org" <fingerprint@networkusa.org> 
>Subject:         FP- New SSN Requirements
>          News from the "Fight the Fingerprint" Email List!
>             Reply to: mcdonald@networkusa.org
>  Type FP-JOIN in the SUBJECT to join, type FP-REMOVE to be removed.
>Almost weekly someone will email to the "Fight the Fingerprint" web
>page wanting to know if they can claim the federal tax credit for
>their children without having, (or using), a social security number.
>Typically, these people don't want to number their children and want
>to know what the law says. Since the law doesn't say that everyone
>must have a social security number, the question regarding claiming
>children who don't have numbers is an important one. The "Fight the
>Fingerprint" group is preparing a SSN FAQ to be released very soon
>shich we hope will answer this question more thoroughly.
>In the mean time, here is a quick update on some of the new and
>proposed requirements for SSNs that we may expect to see in the near
>The requirement to supply a SSN in order to receive the tax credit has
>steadily increased over the years. And, this year Congress passed the
>"Taxpayer "Relief Act of 1997" - (HR2014) which certainly will serve
>to "relieve" you of more of your money if you don't use numbers to
>identify your children. Again our "conservative Congress" as part of
>the continuation of the "Contract on America" has imposed a new tax
>stipulation designed to prod all parents who haven't done so already
>to number their children.
>The law, goes into effect this year, states:
>"(e) No credit shall be allowed under this section to a taxpayer with
>respect to any qualifying child unless the taxpayer includes the name
>and taxpayer identification number of such qualifying child on the
>return of tax for the taxable year."
>The IRS Code states that the "taxpayer identification number" is a
>social security number. Many people are opposed to numbering our
>children due to religious beliefs. How much more "relief" can we
>And how much more numbering can we stand? We may find out soon enough.
>Two bills currently being considered by Congress will add still more
>requirements for using social security numbers in order to......
>VOTE...... or to OWN A FIREARM!
>The "Voter Eligibility Verification Act" - House Bill HR 1428 -
>(there's a corresponding one in the Senate), will create a necessity
>that all voters must submit a social security number in order to be
>approved to vote. One of the bill's stated purposes is:
>"to amend the Social Security Act to permit States to require
>individuals registering to vote in elections to provide the
>individual's Social Security number."
>The national voter identification and verification legislation, if
>passed, will establish a "Voter Eligibility Confirmation System" to be
>maintained by the Attorney General's Office in cooperation with the
>Social Security Administration.
>The confirmation system must provide the capability to "respond to
>inquiries made to verify the citizenship of an individual who has
>submitted a voter registration application, by Federal, State, and
>local officials (including voting registrars) with responsibility for
>determining an individual's qualification to vote in a Federal, State,
>or local election; and maintain a record of the inquiries that were
>made and of verifications provided (or not provided). [comment in
>parentheses in original]
>Perhaps you can be comforted by the following statement which is
>mockingly included as part of the Act. Section 2(h)(2) states:
>"Nothing in this section shall be construed to authorize, directly or
>indirectly, the issuance or use of national identification cards or
>the establishment of a national identification card."
>This very same comment about "not establishing a national ID" is also
>included in the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant
>Responsibility Act of 1996" - P.L.104-208. Why has our "conservative
>Congress" passed two major Acts within a year of each other for which
>they feel they need to include a statement denying that it is the
>establishment of a National ID System? The reason is that it actually
>IS the establishment of a National Identification System - and they
>know it - but they think that telling the American People that it is
>NOT will make it so... Classic "Double Speak".
>Section 3 of the Act permits the States to require social security
>numbers from people registering to vote.
>Some states, mine (Alabama) included, are beginning to beat the drum
>for state-wide "voter identification" requirements. Strong arguments
>can be made for voter identification as a method to cut down on vote
>fraud. But the same arguments can be made, and even more strongly
>stated, for a National Voter ID - and all the same arguments can be
>made even more strongly still, for a National ID System. Why limit it
>to the individual states? If voter IDs are good, wouldn't a National
>ID be better? If not - Why not?
>The States that are pushing for voter ID requirements, along with the
>States that already have it, are furthering the cause and the argument
>for a "de facto" National ID.
>Not enough numbering for you yet. Then perhaps you'll cotton, (that's
>an Alabama term), to the other bill being considered that, like the
>Voter ID bill, includes a requirement that you must supply a social
>security number..... when you REGISTER YOUR FIREARMS!
>House Bill HR 1998, (that's the bill number, not the date), introduces
>itself as a bill "[t]o disarm lawless persons and assist State and
>Federal law enforcement agencies in preventing and solving gun crimes
>by requiring registration of all firearms and firearm transfers and
>requiring permits for the possession and transfer of firearms and
> The Act is called the "Yates Firearm Registration and Crime
> Prevention
>Act of 1997". The proposed Act states any person who owns a firearm in
>the United States on the effective date, must register the firearm
>with the Secretary within 1 year after the effective date of the Act.
>It also states that it shall be unlawful for any person to transfers,
>or receive a firearm in the United States without  registering the
>firearm transfer with the Secretary within 7 calendar days.
>To register a firearm a person must submit to the Secretary: "The
>name, age, address, and social security number (if any), of the
>person; or in the case of a firearm transfer, the transferor and the
>transferee. The name of the manufacturer, the caliber or gauge (as
>appropriate), the model and type, and the serial number identification
>(if any) of the firearm." [parentheses are in original -
>interestingly, the Act recognizes that not everyone has a SSN] And,
>the application for a firearm permit must be "on a written application
>that contains a photograph and fingerprints of the applicant."
>The bill also states that if a person loses a firearm or that a
>firearm has been stolen from  the person they must submit to the
>Secretary, during the 48-hour period that begins with the time the
>person discovers the loss or theft, a report of the loss or theft.
>The Act prohibits the Secretary from issuing a permit to anyone who
>has been "dishonorably discharged" from one of the services; has been
>"indicted"; uses controlled substances; or, has ever "threatened an
>intimate partner".
>I wonder if this bill could be said to also "not establish a National
>ID System"?  I may be from Alabama but..... If we have to use social
>security number to: get a driver's license, register an automobile,
>establish credit, get a job, get tax relief, obtain a professional
>business license, get a hunting license, get utility service, and now
>potentially register a gun and vote - don't we already have a National
>ID in the form of a social security number?
>Date sent:        Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:19:51 -0600
>From:             "ScanThis@networkusa.org" <mcdonald@advicom.net>
>Organization:     Fight the Fingerprint!
>Subject:       SSN FAQ
>To the email list:
>I am getting more and more questions sent to the "Fight the
>Fingerprint" web page regarding when it is lawful to refuse to give
>out a person's social security number.
>We are preparing a "Frequently Asked Question" (FAQ) sheet to try to
>reply to the most common questions. Attorney Lowell Becraft is
>providing the legal research material. We hope to have the FAQ
>complete very soon.
>The FAQ can't provide "legal advise" but it can provide a very good
>"guide" based on the law and legal principles.
>Also, there are some legal court challenges being considered that, if
>successful, will benefit everyone by helping to clearly define when,
>where, and how requests for social security numbers can be lawfully
>imposed - if at all.
>To carry out this effort will require funding. Some people have
>volunteered to help with funding in the past. Those offers have been
>declined because we had no clear objective. Now an objective has been
>defined, and an effort has begun to carry it through.
>This "notice of need" is being presented, not as a request for funds
>per say, but instead as an offer of opportunity to be part of the
>effort to stop the onslaught of new demands for a universal
>identification number. If you are not in a position to help
>financially, then disregard this portion of the message. This notice
>is only intended for those who are in a financial position to fund the
>legal effort and who also have a desire to help turn back the tide of
>ever increasing demands for social security numbers.
>The effort is being called S.C.A.N. (Sovereign Citizens Against
>Numbering). More information about the legal objectives we intend to
>pursue will be available as the work progresses. We have no immediate
>time table - but we are anxious to get started.
>The upcoming FAQ will provide more details about how you can help.
>      _____
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>anti-Semitic.... Constantly associate those who oppose us
>with those names that already have a bad smell.
>The association will, after enough repetition, become
>"fact" in the public mind." -- 1956 Report of the House
>Committee on Un-American Activities (volume 1, page 347) 
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>party, the people who sit in its high councils, are people
>who profit from the internationalization of decision making
>and from the decline of the United States as an independent
>nation state." - Howard Phillips - February 1997
>"Congress has disobeyed its duty under the Constitution to
>exercise all legislative authority. Congress instead has
>delegated policy setting to regulatory agencies, to the UN,
>to other institutions of the NWO, to the Federal Reserve,
>to the judiciary, to the civil service, to the non-profit
>sector, and to presidents, who have been permitted to govern
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