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Great to hear from you!

Did you get the hard copy of "The Federal Zone"?

On you point:

I figure Clinton has at least 50 bodies
buried around the Rose Garden.

But, he never promised you a Rose Garden,
did he?  :)

He promised you the most ethical administration
this country has ever seen.

Duped again, yes indeed!!!  ;(

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 06:16 PM 12/5/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello Paul:
>I'm *finally* back online!
>Have you seen this recent Drudge article?
>We'll call over the week end.
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>Newspaper Report Starts Commotion
>A US Air Force Lt. Colonel has told investigative reporter Chris Ruddy in
>Wednesday's PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Secretary Ron Brown was found with an
>"apparent gunshot wound" to his head.
>The Ruddy heartstopper hit the internet harder than just been about anything
>in its history late Tuesday night. 
>In Ruddy's report:  According to Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell, a doctor and
>deputy Armed Forces medical examiner with the Armed Forces Institute of
>Pathology, and once member of the Brown plane crash investigation, officials
>who examined Brown's body at Dover Air Force base shortly after the April 3,
>1996 Croatia crash discovered "essentially... Brown had a .45 inch inwardly
>beveling circular hole in the top of head,  which is... the description of a
>.45-caliber gunshot wound."
>The wound was documented, photographed, and X-rayed, in a medical
>examination at Dover Air Force base, writes Ruddy. 
>The TRIBUNE-REVIEW is in possession of numerous crash, medical examination
>and other photos that purport to show Brown, the DRUDGE REPORT can confirm.
>One photo, to be published in the paper, shows a hole consistent with a .45
>caliber gunshot wound, it will be alleged. 
>Cogswell claims that one photo-X-ray even shows a possible "lead snowstorm"
>of metal fragments in Brown's head. 
>Cogswell tells Ruddy, on the record, for full attribution, that
>incriminating X-rays were destroyed shortly after the examination of Brown,
>disappearing from the case file.  
>Ruddy backs up Cogswell's claims with other sources present at Dover, as
>well as independent experts who have examined photos of the body and photos
>of the X-rays. 
>"Even if you safely assumed accidental plane crash, when you got something
>that appears to be a homicide, that should bring everything to a screeching
>halt," Cogswell said, arguing that the finding of the apparent gunshot
>should have triggered the Presidential Assassination Statute -- which covers
>Cabinet members like Brown -- and immediately prompted an autopsy.   Ruddy
>reveals in his detail-drenched story that no autopsy was conducted on Brown.
>Talk of Ruddy holding a press conference in Washington over the next week
>exploring evidence in his possession.  
>Overnight Internet reaction to Ruddy's story has been swift.  One posting on
>a newsgroup charged:  "I see. So, after 4 years the Vince Foster story has
>finally lost steam even with the crazies, and now we've moved on to Ron
>Brown? Cute! That's some fancy sidesteppin' folks!"
>"Scaife is at it again," wrote another.
>                                  X X X X X 
>"The regretful verdict here:  Dead in the water," writes fool Richard
>Corliss in a review of TITANIC in this week's TIME [12/8] -- a review that
>has now relation to anything this report saw at a screen of the film a few
>weeks back, and a review that caused sparks behind the scenes for its
>domestic distributor PARAMOUNT.
>The way the story is being told in studio circles, Corliss' review in this
>week's TIME "violated" an agreement with TIME had with PARAMOUNT not to run
>a review of the epic prior to December 15 -- the week of the film's opening.  
>In the review, Corliss not only trashes TITANIC -- a film so effective it
>has brought hard boiled executives to tears at multiple industry screenings,
>many predicting Oscar -- but he does it in a slight 6 paragraph
>shiv-between-the ribs.  
>TITANIC producers and PARAMOUNT big shots saw red after reading the first
>national print review of the most expensive movie ever made.   
>Director James Cameron was FAXed the review on Sunday, according to a close
>associate, and was somewhere between perplexed and dumbfounded.
>"Fine, Jim -- build the damned ship, sink the damned ship,"  writes Corliss
>in his review: "Down, Down to a Watery Grave."  
>Quick, send in the lifeboats!
>All day on Monday, PARAMOUNT pr executives worked the phones to "friends of
>TITANIC" -- reportedly Gleiberman at ENTERTAINMENT LASTWEEKLY,
>Siskel-and-Ebert, others -- hoping to get a counter-balancing view to
>Corliss' knife-job.
>The concern at the studio:  now that TIME has broken the review-date
>agreement, everyone else will rush their's into print.
>The impact of Corliss' review -- the first critical response to the film out
>of the New York media machine -- is not to be underestimated.
>"There is no love, no love whatsoever, between TIME WARNER and VIACOM's
>Sumner Redstone," a well-placed insider explained Tuesday.  "Blood has
>clearly been drawn, and tempers are running very, very high."
>The most expensive film on record sets sail in a few weeks...
>Filed by Matt Drudge
>The REPORT is issued when circumstances warrant
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