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> Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/12-1    6-Dec-97
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>Taking on the New World Order "Goliath"
>PERTH, Western Australia, Dec. 5 - Two recent unrelated stories half a
>world apart tell the tale of trials and trobulations which a "David" can
>face when confronting the ruthless New World Order "Goliath."  Two others,
>also half a world apart and dating back several years, serve to confirm it.
>In Israel, a brave investigative journalist, Barry Chamish, who exposed
>what he believed was a conspiracy to murder Yitzhak Rabin, threw in the
>towel after receiving warnings and death threats.  His main beef - not
>enough other brave "Davids" willing to join him (see his "I quit" letter
>"There is no one in a position of authority to turn to," he writes.  "I am
>saddened by the fact that not one person with inside influence has the
>courage to expose the coverup. My leaders have abandoned all pretense of
>integrity and I am alone."
>In Australia, a brave member of Parliament, Pauline Hanson, a former
>Queensland businesswoman who became a champion of patriotic Australians
>last year, was gored by the globalist establishment media - also after
>receiving numerous death threats.  Not the quitting kind, however, this
>modern-day Joan of Arc took on the Speaker in the Australian Parliament
>last week - and won.  The Speaker had tried to make her withdraw some of
>her feisty remarks critical of the establishment politicians.  Ever since,
>the Australian media have been trying to bury her as a political force to
>be reckoned with.
>In Russia, the world first heard the name Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the fall
>of 1993, when this Russian patriot stunned the NWO Goliath by outpolling
>his "reformist" politicians in the vote for the Duma (the Russian
>Parliament).  Immediately, the NWO "Agitprop" (Agitation and Propaganda
>department) machine went into overdrive, trying to paint Zhirinovsky as a
>dangerous "ultra-nationalist" (as if being a nationalist, i.e., a patriot,
>was something inherently bad?).
>In the U.S., the same fate befell Pat Buchanan who suddenly became a
>dangerous populist after taking the lead in the polls in February 1996
>during the Republican Primaries.  Dangerous to the NWO Goliath, that is,
>certainly not to the majority of Americans for whose rights and interests
>Buchanan fought.
>Meanwhile, back in Australia, it all started on Nov. 25 with a video which
>Hanson had taped in case she were assassinated.  "Fellow Australians, if
>you are seeing me now, it means that I have been murdered," she said in the
>12-minute video.  "For the sake of our children and our children's
>children, you must fight on.  Do not let my passing distract you for one
>moment.  We must go forward together as Australians.  Our country is at
>These dramatic words have evidently driven a large stake into the hearts of
>the bland, colorless globalist aliens to whom any idea of earthly
>patriotism is anathema.  They seized the chance to ridicule Hanson, and
>suggest that she is already dead (politically speaking).  According to the
>Australian establishment media, the popularity of her party - One Nation -
>founded earlier this year, has dropped from a high of 9% in May, to about
>half that, THE AUSTRALIAN reported on Nov. 25.
>Seeing Hanson's face on the front pages of the local establishment press,
>listening to attacks on her by both the Liberal and Labor members of
>parliament (i.e., supposedly the Right and Left in Australia, yet both the
>NWO Goliaths lapdogs, just as the Democrats and the Republicans are in the
>U.S), one cannot help but recall how a similar pack of NWO hyenas - from
>the Wall Street Journal (supposedly the Right) to the New York Times
>(supposedly the Left) united to gore Buchanan almost two years ago.  
>How can "coincidences" like that occur in four independent and sovereign
>countries (Israel, Australia, Russia, America) each of which bearing the
>unmistakable imprints of the same NWO Goliath?  Only one logical
>explanation comes to mind: These are no longer independent and sovereign
>countries, all trappings and appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.
>Bob Dj.
>Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 14:32:14 +0200 (IST)
>By Barry Chamish
>The mainstream Israeli media are deliberately aiding and abetting the
>murderers of Yitzhak Rabin. They are knowingly withholding evidence from
>the public and are criminally liable as accomplices to murder.
>While second tier media such as Hatsofe, Kol Hashavuah, Arutz Sheva and
>Makor Rishon have finally released vital documentation proving that the
>government's version of the Rabin assassination is an obvious
>misrepresentation of reality, the major influences on Israeli opinion
>including Haaretz, Maariv, Yediot Ahronot, television channels One and Two
>and all state-run radio stations are willfully engaged in an expensive and
>time-consuming con job to keep the truth from the Israeli people.
>For a week and a half, between Nov. 4 and 12, the Gregorian and Hebrew
>dates of the anniversary of the murder, the Israeli public was subjected to
>a virtual flood of disinformation. For two of the days, nearly all other
>television programming was cancelled, replaced with uninterrupted images of
>Rabin in the mythical pose chosen to obfuscate the real events of his demise.
>A case in point of many: the memorial service held in Rabin's honor at the
>square now named after him in Tel Aviv. The crowd of 100,000 was described
>as "the largest gathering in Israeli history" throughout the media when it
>barely qualified. The largest crowds of 250,000 and 200,000 gathered in the
>wake of the Sabra and Shatilla massacre in 1982 and in Jerusalem to protest
>Rabin's policies barely a month before his murder.
>Lie number one, but not the big lie. That was uttered by Peres and Barak
>who declared that Rabin was not "murdered by blank bullets" as "Hatsofe
>will have us believe."
>The week before, Hatsofe had published six pages outlining the physical and
>circumstantial evidence which far more than indicated that Yigal Amir could
>not have shot the fatal bullets and that the Shabak was deeply implicated
>in the murder. The least consequential article was an overview of a
>fictional work called Srak by Uri Barkan, which concluded that Peres was
>involved in the assassination. Hatsofe called the book, "outrageous."
>So with Hatsofe finally publishing the same damning police and hospital
>reports which I have been presenting to audiences for about a year, the
>media went into full-scale  damage control. The strategy was diversion: the
>whole issue was turned into Hatsofe's "blood libel against Peres." Nothing
>else was to be even whispered. The media succeeeded in drowning out the
>proof...And I claim they knew what they were doing. They conspired
>todestroy evidence by ignoring it, dismissing it or in the rare moments
>when worse came to worse, by mocking it.
>A case in point. I was invited to appear on Channel One's prime time talk
>show, Popolitika on October 30. I was called by a researcher ten days
>before and supplied her with my documentation. Within a week, the show had
>expanded to include two other journalists who had concluded that a
>conspiracy had to have been at work in the Rabin assassination. We were all
>cancelled the day before the show was to air.
>I have strong testimony from friends of Politika staff that the following
>took place: I was originally invited to be humiliated and thus put the
>conspiracy theory to rest once and for all. But as soon as the researchers
>understood the issue, as one insider informed me, "They realized you had
>serious evidence. Even the most radical left wingers concluded that you
>were right." And that was a point of view that Moti Kirschenbaum, appointed
>by Rabin as Channel One's general manager ordered withdrawn from the air.
>A week later I was invited to appear on Tik Tikshoret, hosted by an
>irresponsible Army Radio broadcaster, Razi Barkai, who had led some of the
>most vicious slanders against me. This time I would not be fooled. I wanted
>to know what the subject of the show was. It was incitement. I got it: I'd
>be presented as an inciter. I said my condition for appearing would be a
>fair showing of my documentation. The phone line was cut off. 
>Fair is not a word the Israeli media uses when busy at work deceiving the
>public about how Rabin died or who was involved in the death. I know of one
>instance of a reporter at Maariv who wanted to publish some of the
>contradictions between the Amir court protocols and the Shamgar Comission
>findings. His editor informed them that Maariv would never publish the
>story and that his job was at stake if he pursued the issue. I know other
>reporters who interviewed me, seemed to be convinced that I had a case, and
>never had their articles published. I know that the legal department of
>Yediot Ahronot intervened to stop publication of an article about my
>findings in one of their subsidiary newspapers.
>Last April 30, a riot was organized outside my lecture at Hebrew
>University. The media followed up with front page character assassination
>labelling me a radical right winger, fascist, Holocaust denier, member of
>organized crime and outside agitator who doesn't live in Israel. All lies.
>I live a rather conventional lifestyle, expose the corruption of the
>Israeli political Right in my writing along with the Left, have no criminal
>record, have lived in Israel for 23 years and mourn the loss of a third of
>my family in the Holocaust.
>Not one word about me in the mainstream media was the truth. A campaign of
>character assassination was mounted back then to neutralize my work. But it
>didn't work. Today 31% of Israelis dispute or doubt the official version of
>the Rabin assassination and that same figure was confirmed in polls
>conducted for Makor Rishon and Maariv. So the campaign was stepped up to
>smother the facts.
>The next strategy was obfuscation and redirection. As of early November,
>the whole conspiracy became the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv. When the
>word conspiracy was used by the establishment media, it did not mean a
>combination of medical, police, court records and contradicting eye-witness
>testimony leading to the conclusion that Rabin could not possibly or
>physically have been shot fatally by Yigal Amir. Instead,conspiracy meant
>the real role of the "renegade Shabak informer," Raviv.
>Three days ago I spoke the attorney representing Hagai Amir in his suit
>against Raviv. He informed me that Attorney General Amnon Rubinstein's plan
>was to prevent suits or charges against Raviv from reaching court. A few
>selected files would be kept open, he would receive a few months in prison
>for them and the public would be appeased. The next day Hatsofe reported
>that Rubinstein was planning to close all but two files against Raviv.
>Still, my pesky interference had to be stopped and this time the extremist
>politico Yossi Sarid was called into action. The day after Rabin was
>memorialized for the second time by the media, Sarid appeared on the
>morning radio show of Shelley Yachomovich (wrong spelling and I don't care).
>Minutes later I received a phone call from a well-known programming
>director at the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) who informed me I was
>being slandered on the air. It seems someone had informed Sarid that one of
>my articles on the conspiracy was carried by the web site of Likud America.
>He then claimed I wasn't a journalist, I didn't even live in Israel and I
>was paid by the Likud.
>Eighteen months previously I had written the article for Likud USA, which
>is unaffiliated with the Israeli Likud party. I was grateful back then that
>anyone would publish my early research into the assassination. Had Sarid
>wished to, he could have asked anyone in the Likud if this was a party
>outlet. Perhaps he did but the answer didn't suit him. It was far better
>that I was turned into a non-jornalist, a secret paid hack for the Likud
>who was spreading falsehoods on behalf of the Israeli Right.
>And that is exactly how I was portrayed in Haaretz, Maariv, the Jerusalem
>Post, Novesti etc. Not one of these papers contacted me for my side of
>events. Shelley. Yach... refused to give me equal air time to answer
>Sarid's lies. And that would have been easy because he was wrong about
>everything. I earn an acceptable living writing for a variety of important
>magazines (which I don't name because they have nothing to do with
>conspiracies) and I most certainly live in Israel. My mortgage tells me so.
>Within a few days I was characterized on the Internet as "a paid agent of
>the Right." Disinformation works, especially when one has the power of the
>Israeli media backing it.
>So what was Sarid's motive in slandering me? Easy, he was a high ranking
>member of the Knesset Shabak Supervisory Comittee during the time of Raviv.
>He knew as much about Raviv's illegal activities as anyone and approved
>them. When the conspiracy is finally revealed, he might have to do time for
>his "supervisory" role in the assassination. That's a mighty good motive
>for slandering me. And that would explain his subsequent statements in the
>Knesset that he is trying to put a "gag order" on me.
>Shortly after Sarid's miserable performance on the Shelley show ended, the
>IBA program director called me. She whispered, "You won't like this. I
>received a memo from the top. We're not allowed to mention your name or
>anything to do with your work...I gotta go. My boss is coming."
>When the true story of Rabin's assassination is finally exposed, many
>members of the Israeli media will have to explain their role in
>perpetuating the coverup on behalf, directly or indirectly of the
>murderers. And if there is a modicum of justice in Israel, they will have
>to face the law. It may be a wise idea for them to stop helping the people
>who assassinated YItzhak Rabin.
>Written by Barry Chamish - an Israeli journalist.
>E-Mail: chamish@netmedia.net.il
>Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 16:24:46 +0200 (IST)
>                      I QUIT 
>                      By Barry Chamish
>I have done my duty for the Israeli people. I have exposed the truth about
>the Rabin assassination. I have presented the police, medical and court
>documents for public perusal and they prove to most reasonable people that
>Yigal Amir just could not have fired the fatal shots at the prime minister.
>I have proven that a fourth unidentified person must have awaited Rabin in
>his limousine. I have demonstrated that Rabin's driver and bodyguard gave
>perjured testimony to the police and courts.
>And now my job is done.
>In a few months my book on the subject will be published in America. If it
>sells there, fine. But I will do no more from now on but await public
>reaction to its publication. I will contribute no more original research.
>I reached my decision yesterday after speaking before a packed house in Tel
>Aviv. Outside the demonstrators, all thirty of them, conspired with the
>media people, a good twenty of them, to slander me before the Israeli
>public. Two days before, Yediot Ahronot devoted over half a page to
>personal slurs against this meeting, introducing the article by calling me,
>as usual, a right wing extremist.
>Last night, it mattered not to the media that an intelligent, informed
>audience crowded a hall to hear me speak. To them that was only proof that
>I was successfully leading a rebellion against the state with my convincing
>lies. I now realize, Israel's mainstream media is far too vicious to ever
>examine the truth. It will forever protect the murderers of Yitzhak Rabin.
>And it will forever turn me into a monster.
>Look at what is happening to my life:
>1. This morning I was waiting in line at the bank when the gentleman next
>to me whispered, "I admire what you're doing but I've been told you now
>have to watch yourself." Three times this week people called to warn me
>that my life was in danger. One caller is an invaluable source working in a
>government ministry. He informed me that at a closed meeting of Meretz
>leaders, a plan was hatched to eliminate me, first through innuendo and if
>that doesn't work, by worse tactics.
>2. It has now reached the point where I suspect every car which follows me
>at night of sinister purposes, I'm more reluctant to travel alone and yes,
>I admit that I'm frightened someone will take the decision to hush me up
>3. I have a wife and two children to think about. Their neighbours read the
>press and many believe I'm a dangerous inciter. That scares people and
>deeply affects our social life. The new strategy of digging for skeletons
>in my closet has already begun and like most human beings, I resent the
>intrusion. If I was a bachelor I might ride out the storm to make my mark
>on history. That is not the case and family comes first.
>4. I'm totally frustrated. There is no one in a position of authority to
>turn to. I am saddened by the fact that not one person with inside
>influence has the courage to expose the coverup. My leaders have abandoned
>all pretense of integrity and I am alone. The propaganda has worked. I'm
>viewed as a crazed radical by strangers though most of my journalistic work
>is highly conventional. I must work with the public to survive. The smear
>campaign, in short, is affecting my income.
>5. I am expecting to be arrested at any time for a variety of trumped up
>charges of sedition, mutiny, treason, or incitement. I am not a criminal
>and I don't deserve to live in fear of arrest.
>6. I don't want to become the stereotyped right wing fanatic the media is
>portraying me as. But if the majority of organizations who invite me to
>speak are right wing, then logic dictates I must be too, and thus I am
>deliberately promoting one political agenda. The fact is my lifestyle in
>many ways has much in common with the Israeli left. I don't hate them, we
>have much to share, but they despise me and wish nothing but harm for me. I
>want to talk with them but they won't listen. They have declared war
>against me and the truth surrounding the Rabin assassination and no amount
>of common sense will ever change their view. It's not pleasant to be hated.
>It's not right that I have to endure constant disrespect in the national
>media. My motives for exposing a crime are decent and good. I believe I am
>defending Rabin's honour by trapping his murderers. I had hoped that my
>evidence would lead to a more honest, healthier Israeli nation. However,
>all my effort is just further dividing a torn society and my intentions are
>being turned into evil.
>7. I don't want to be at risk anymore. Thousands of people understand my
>evidence of a conspiracy to murder Rabin. I wish they would share the risk,
>now, if they are ever going to. I am being lambasted cruelly in the media
>and I am taking the following steps to put an end to the humiliation, fear
>and danger:
>a. The Israeli Right and Religious communities know the facts. These
>wonderful people have been my audience until now and I'm proud to have
>addressed them. But I will do so no more. If I ever present my evidence in
>an Israeli forum, it will be only to left wing, centrist or unaffiliated
>audiences.  I will, however, present my findings to any audience abroad,
>where no one has yet been introduced to my work in person. However, within
>Israel, the only group of people who can turn the tide in favour of justice
>are the very people I cannot reach.
>b. I have asked two journalists from Shishi Magazine to arrange a meeting
>between me and Rabin's son, Yuval. They have agreed to my request. If Yuval
>Rabin turns down the offer, it will only reinforce my belief that there is
>no hope of reconciling politics with the truth about this political crime.
>If he agrees, it will be a victory for both of us. If he proves to me that
>there was no conspiracy, I will publicly admit I was wrong all along...And
>c. I will turn down offers of new evidence for the conspiracy case. I will
>cease all investigation. More than enough evidence has been collected to
>justify the opening of an impartial commission of inquiry to get to the
>bottom of the assassination. If the desire isn't there, new evidence will
>not make an iota of a difference.
>d. The conspirators thus have no reason to fear that I will reach the end
>of the trail which leads to their door. I will not name them if I discover
>their identities. The Israeli public is either mature enough to handle the
>uglist of truths, that its leadership Left and Right betrayed them and act
>on the knowledge, or it can continue living with a cancerous lie. If they
>choose the latter, well...
>I tried.
>Written by Barry Chamish - an Israeli journalist.
>E-Mail    : chamish@netmedia.net.il
>Bob Djurdjevic 
>Phoenix, Arizona 
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>Bob Djurdjevic 
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