Time: Sat Dec 06 16:11:35 1997
To: alex1141@juno.com (D DottoDeDauli)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Children in Denver

If you will send me a secure postal address,
to our Post Office location (see below), I can
send you information about my other secure
modes of communications.  I recommend that
you send a SASE (self-addressed stamped

Code phrase is:  "Tanya Is A hooker."


/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 03:16 PM 12/6/97 EST, you wrote:
>Hi Paul,
>I sent out the e-mail regarding the children in Denver a couple of weeks
>ago. The tip came from a friend of mine in Denver, I passed it on to a
>friend of mine,  Silverking.
>He did a beautiful job of sending it to the networks. No response, of
>course, sooooo we put that out also. My friend in Phoenix
>(ranger@azwest.net) added McLamb's phone number to the e-mail hoping to
>put some pressure to those guys. That, of course, was the purpose of
>adding Gunderson AND McLamb's names. It was at his "benefit" the incident
>was announced. I am unsure if the guys who tracked the #'s on the plane
>still have jobs, I know they took alot of heat. We need many more like
>them, and you. My friend that phoned with the tip had no idea how
>important it was. God Bless him. 
>I have investigated other "things" regarding children but could never
>mention it over this computer. Maybe we will meet face to face someday.
>It is so important. Much of my research has been in "mind control", you
>can't help but "bump" into children researching in that area. Programming
>is very much involved, as are the Satanists. Everything meets at the top
>in all of this evil.
>I will forward anything I can directly to you. Is there some other way we
>can communicate if I need to. You understand this would not be the place
>to put something we may need to work on. I believe in "putting whatever
>we can"
>in their face but if it is detrimental to solving the problem, we need
>another avenue.
>I am waiting for a new local network, I refuse to use AOL, and this local
>company is apparently closed this weekend. I will forward my new address
>as soon as I have one. This is my daughter's address, for now. I can be
>reached here.
>Thanks so much for all you do and have done.
>I, too, am a warrior.
>My e-mail address will read "antinwo". My name is D and I reside in SW
>Talk to you soon.
>PS - You did get the last info on the markings, didn't you? I have been
>off line for 2 weeks and had to have everything faxed and then put on
>e-mail. Thank God also for all my good friends. It works..

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