Time: Sat Dec 06 18:52:28 1997
To: rnaquist@juno.com (Arthur Youngquist)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Your comment on child sacrifice (?)

I did not write the statements you cite below.
I only forwarded them, as part of a related
message.  Perhaps you should direct your
questions to the one who authored those 
statements, yes?

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:09 PM 12/6/97 EST, you wrote:
> I read your recent posting about child sacrifice.  With reference to the
>paragraph which begins "In the Bible you will  find other examples of
>human child sacrifice...".: 
> I would like to comment on it, as follows: 
>  1. Altho Nimrod may have engaged in child sacrifice, the Bible does not
>say so. 
>  2. Seth had been dead for hundreds of years when Nimrod  was born.  He 
>      died many years prior to the flood, Nimrod was post-diluvian.  
>  3. Nimrod was killed by Esau,  Jacob's brother, as recorded in the Book
>of Jasher. 
>     Best wishes,  R. A.  Youngquist  rnaquist@juno.com

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