Time: Sun Dec 07 19:58:11 1997
To: rvpitnr@whidbey.net (Richard V. Pitner) (by way of Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in toolbar])
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: John I. Pitner Conviction and data.

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At 06:29 AM 12/7/97 -0700, you wrote:
>        Dear Mr. Mitchell, 
>        My name is Richard V. Pitner and I am the Father of John I. Pitner
>        who has been illegally convicted of Selling an Automatic Weapon. 
>        I do not know if you have had the time to review this case on KANG'S 
>        WEB PAGE, but the full story is there under "CAGED PATRIOTS". 
>        Briefly, here is what happened. My son was involved in a strictly 
>        political type Militia group in Bellingham, Washington. The FBI 
>        targeting them for entrapment and arrest. Up until the FBI and 
>        their criminal informant had infiltrated the group, they had done 
>        nothing except organize meetings of citizens and have speakers 
>        talk to them about the trashing of the Constitution. About two 
>        months before my Son was arrested, he had a stroke and dropped out 
>        of that Militia group. At that time, the FBI had a Criminal Informant
>        planted in the group who was then joined by an FBI Agent. John was 
>        not privy to what happened next. The provocatures proceeded to  
>        cause some of the group to do things that were not legal. If my 
>        Son had been leading the group, he would have thrown them out, or 
>        at the least reported them to their own organization, THE FBI. 
>        The Charges in the case were worded "JOHN I. PITNER, ET AL". As 
>        an attorney, you know that this wording includes him in all the 
>        entrapment processes that occured during the two months he was 
>        not there. The things that happened during the investigation by 
>        the FBI are truly unbelievable. Two FBI Agents entered my Son's 
>        home under the guise as buyers for his home. While one of them 
>        kept the real estate agent busy, the other searched the house. 
>        They ADMITTED THIS ON THE WITNESS STAND. The Criminal informant
>        who had testified to the grand jury was caught in several lies 
>        which were also garnered from him on the Stand. In addition, he 
>        was drawing L & I payments while also being paid by the FBI. 
>        This Federal Judge, John C. Coughenour did absolutely nothing 
>        about it. The Jury was lectured by this judge and knowing nothing 
>        about jury nullification, convicted my Son of something he did not 
>        do.  Another man was convicted of this and is currently doing 28 
>        months in prison. He has also stood up in court and stated that 
>        my Son had nothing to do with the sale of the weapon (and UZI, 
>        Korean War Vintage). He has also signed an affidavit to that 
>        effect.  My boy has been encarcerated for 16 months at the KENT 
>        Detention Facility and now is at the FEDERAL DETENTION CENTER, 
>        SEATAC, near Seattle Tacoma Airport. He was convicted by this 
>        blind and deaf jury last February and has not been sentenced yet. 
>        The Federal Prosecutors have indicated that they would re-try 
>        three of them, Including my Son for Conspiracy, a charge that the
>        jury could not reach a verdict on. John's Lawyer has submitted 
>        a brief to the 9th Ckt Ct of Appeals asking that this retrial 
>        not be allowed based on double jepardy. He has not heard from 
>        the court as yet. This thing is such a massive travesty of Justice 
>        that everyone thinks something ought to be done about it. However, 
>        we lay people do not have the slightest idea of what to do or who 
>        to talk to. We believe that this Federal Court in Seattle is at 
>        a loss as to what to do inasmuch as they are guilty of all kinds 
>        of Judicial malpratice and are afraid that when they sentence 
>        my Son, he will then appeal and the whole nasty situation will 
>        become public when he does so, plus placing a real large lawsuit 
>        against the whole gang of the Judge, Prosecutors and the FBI and 
>        their Criminal Informant. 
>        How can this sort of thing be happening here in 
>        the United States? I spent 27 years in the Military protecting 
>        what I thought was the Constitution of the US.  It looks like all 
>        of the sacrifices that I made in Three Wars is for naught. 
>        Mr. Mitchell, what can I do to crack this case wide open and 
>        get these power hungry dictatorial people to back off and admit 
>        they were wrong. I want my Kid released and right NOW. We have 
>        no Money left after John's Attorney leached his $200/hr out of us. 
>        Close to $70,000. He is now under the public defender system as 
>        he cannot quit the case according to law. Please let me know if 
>        you have any ideas of how we can resolve this awful situation that 
>        my Government has placed John and his family in.  
>        Richard V. Pitner MSG USA (RET)

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