Time: Tue Dec 09 17:41:08 1997
To: Norm Vroman
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: FYI: Impeaching John M. Roll, USDC Tucson

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For Immediate Release                           February 18, 1997

                Federal Judge Impeachment Sought

Payson, Arizona.   The  misconduct of an Arizona federal judge in
an IRS  case last  year has led to a formal request that Congress
impeach him for over 100 felonies in the course of that one case.
Paul  Mitchell,   Counselor  at  Law  and  federal  witness,  has
submitted to  Congress a  Formal Request to institute impeachment
proceedings  against   United  States   District  John  M.  Roll,
stationed in Tucson, Arizona state.

     Last spring,  Judge Roll  was assigned  to preside  over the
enforcement of  a federal grand jury subpoena served upon a local
retail health  food chain,  the New  Life Health  Center Company.
The company  retained  Paul  Mitchell  to  oppose  the  subpoena.
Mitchell responded with a Private Communication and mailed it via
Registered U.S.  Mail, restricted  delivery  and  return  receipt
requested, to  the foreperson  of the  federal grand  jury.   The
Private Communication  never arrived at its intended destination,
however, because  Judge Roll  conspired with  the local Assistant
U.S. Attorney, Robert Miskell, to obstruct the correspondence.

     After tracing  the fate  of the undelivered registered mail,
Mitchell then  followed with a Formal Request that the grand jury
investigate Judge  Roll and  AUSA Miskell for probable violations
of several  federal laws,  including obstruction,  jury tampering
and conspiracy.  This request was mailed via Certified U.S. Mail,
restricted delivery and return receipt, but it too was obstructed
by the same persons.

     At a  subsequent hearing  on the matter, Judge Roll admitted
to having  intercepted the  mail, but  qualified his admission by
saying that  he had  not opened  the mail.    AUSA  Miskell  then
announced, on  the record, that he had received the mail from the
judge, and that he had also opened the mail, only to find that it
was a  formal request  that the  federal grand  jury  investigate
possible violations  of federal  law by  Robert Miskell  himself.
Miskell  never   did  deliver   either   of   the   two   written
communications to  their intended  destination, the foreperson of
the federal grand jury.

     At that  point in  the litigation, Paul Mitchell felt it was
appropriate to  place the  foreperson on the Service List for all
subsequent  pleadings   that  would   be  filed   in  that  case.
Altogether, some  26 separate  pleadings were prepared and filed,
several of  which  contained  affidavits  and  verified  material
evidence concerning  such  matters  as  the  defunct  Performance
Management  and   Recognition  System   ("PMRS"),  the   original
Thirteenth Amendment, and the historial evidence proving that the
"IRS" is  just an  alias for  the Federal Alcohol Administration,
domiciled in  Puerto Rico  as Trust #62.  As expected, Judge Roll
obstructed each and every one of the 26 pleadings, in addition to
the two  original communications,  which were mailed to the grand
jury foreperson.

     Paul Mitchell  has recently  filed  a  formal  complaint  of
judicial misconduct  against Judge  Roll, pursuant  to 28  U.S.C.
372(c), charging  him with  28 counts  of  obstructing  mail,  28
counts of  jury tampering,  28 counts  of obstruction of justice,
and 28 counts of conspiracy to commit all of the above.

                             #  #  #

                         FORMAL REQUEST

TO:       Rep. Jim Kolbe
          Member of Congress
          House of Representatives
          Washington, D.C.
          Postal Zone 20515-0305/tdc

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     February 18, 1997

SUBJECT:  Request for Impeachment Proceedings

I hereby  respectfully request  that  you  institute  impeachment
proceedings against  United States  District Judge  John M. Roll,
stationed in Tucson, Arizona state.

I have  already been an eyewitness to at least 112 felonies which
Judge Roll has committed under auspices of his judicial office.

The  material   evidence  of   criminal   misconduct   has   been
sufficiently  documented   in  separate  verified  communications
delivered to the F.B.I. in Phoenix, to the U.S. Postal Inspection
Service in  Tucson, and  to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in
San Francisco, California state.

For your  information, a  formal complaint of judicial misconduct
has been  filed with  the Ninth  Circuit, pursuant  to 28  U.S.C.
372(c).   Please contact Cathy Catterson on the Clerk's staff for
further information about this complaint.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Counselor at Law and federal witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson, Arizona state
Postal Zone 85719/tdc

email:       pmitch@primenet.com (586/Eudora Pro 3.0:
             preferred, to conserve all resources)
phone:       (520) 320-1514 (private line:
             please get permission to disclose)
fax machine: (520) 320-1256 (dedicated hard copy:
             available 24-hours per day or night)
fax modem:   (520) 320-1513 (dedicated email line:
             please call phone to switch software)

copies:   Speaker, House of Representatives
          President, United States Senate
          Chairperson, House Judiciary Committee
          Chairperson, Senate Judiciary Committee
          Senators Jon Kyl, John McCain, U.S. Senate

                             #  #  #


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