Time: Wed Dec 10 06:53:02 1997
To: libnw@circuit.com
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Newsgroup Policy Statement...

Hear hear, David!

Let 'em eat "La Technique" -- ELSEWHERE!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 05:08 AM 12/10/97, you wrote:
>Hello Everyone!
>Unlike my previous attempt at reducing the number and type of Technocracy
>posts to Liberty Northwest, in case it isn't implicit enough, the policy of
>Liberty Northwest has changed. It is permanent, and it is NOT open for
>discussion. I will take a dim view of any more shennanigans such as have taken
>place this week while I was otherwise detained. 
>Discussions of the Moderator's administrative or puntitive actions are NEVER
>on-topic for discussion. If you like/dislike my actions, take it up in e-mail
>with the moderator. Failure to properly comply with this demand can and will
>result in your expulsion from the group without notice.
>This is not a Technocracy Advocates newsgroup. If you wish to discuss the
>advantages and objectives of Technocracy to the exclusion of the existing
>principles of Libertarianism, get your own damned newsgroup, get your own
>list-server and then put in ten hours a week for free. I am not censoring
>anyone. I am merely relocating off-topic conversations to a different location
>of your choice.
>One of my jobs, as Moderator of this newsgroup, is to prevent hostile take-
>overs by any political group or faction. I have failed to see ONE Technocracy
>advocates' post where I saw even a thinly-veiled discussion of the meanings of
>Libertarianism or the Militia. All I have seen are a collective bunch of
>highly speculative statements of what Technocracy WILL do for Americans. I
>reserve the right to control discussions on Liberty Northwest. That is my JOB,
>and I am fresh out of patience. Failure to properly comply with this demand
>can and will result in your expulsion from the group without notice.
>For the sake of anyone asking, this is a private, moderated newsgroup with
>origins in a remarkable number of news formats. Only when pressed by
>circumstances would I ever dream of taking such action. However, watching
>people bailing out of Liberty Northwest (ten total in less than two weeks)
>sends a chilling message to anyone with a sense of reality. 
>It is time to close this chapter in history and move on. 
>Dave Laird
>Liberty Northwest
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