Time: Fri Dec 12 04:57:39 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Why the Waco Holocaust Matters (fwd)
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>The Waco Holocaust matters for the same reason the German Holocaust 
>mattered: When barbarities are practiced by a government, civilized 
>people must stand up and say STOP! lest the whole society be consumed 
>by barbarism. 
>The tiny sect called the Branch Davidians, reviled in the 1990s, were 
>as worthy of protection as the Jews of Europe, reviled in the 1940s. 
>Over the cornice of the US Supreme Court these words are etched: 
>Equal Justice Under Law
>To fair-minded Americans, those words apply to both the Branch 
>Davidians and their murderers. 
>As a society, we do not let murderers go free, for experience shows 
>they will murder again.  Under a system of equal justice, when 
>physical and circumstantial evidence indicates a person has committed 
>a crime, he or she is indicted and brought before a jury.  So it 
>should be: one rule of law for all. 
>The American Revolution specifically rejected the concept of the 
>Divine Right of Kings.  The American revolutionaries believed that 
>legitimate political power arose from each and every individual 
>person, and was delegated by them to government.  The government was 
>to be a servant of the people.  Under this system, servants of the 
>people (the government) have no Divine Right to murder their employers 
>(the citizens). 
>Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty is nourished by the 
>blood of tyrants and the blood of patriots.  We citizens of the US 
>will not be intimidated into silence or acquiescence.  We are the 
>inheritors of the American Revolution. 
>By this crime, the US government proclaimed itself to be the enemy of 
>the people.  When the executive branch of government turns to 
>murdering the citizens, what redress do the citizens have? Who will 
>arrest and try a murderous general, and who will arrest and try a 
>murderous attorney general? 
>Congress could have taken a number of immediate remedial actions.  It 
>could have conducted an honest, vigorous investigation.  It could have 
>immediately reduced funding to the agencies involved by the amount 
>spent.  It could have disbanded the units involved, fired the 
>personnel, and prohibited them evermore from federal benefits and 
>employment.  It could have impeached the military and civilian 
>officials involved; it could have seen that a Special Prosecutor was
>appointed, and vigorous prosecutions conducted. 
>When the Congressional hearings on Waco took place in the summer of 
>1995, many Americans hoped that an honest investigation would be done.  
>But Congress suppressed the evidence and became accessories to the 
>For less evidence than you see on these pages, ordinary people are 
>convicted and sentenced to death.  If the Serbs are justly tried for 
>war crimes against the Bosnian Muslims, what hypocrisy makes the world 
>community turn its face from the war crimes against the Branch 
>Davidians? The Serbs are not even accused of killing children, as did 
>the US in Waco. 
>It is because of the evidence you will see on these pages that 
>Americans are arming themselves, to protect their families against the 
>outlaws, whether the outlaws wear the uniforms of the US military or 
>law enforcement. 
>Look at the evidence against the US military and law enforcement.  We 
>have documented their outrageous lies.  We have the evidence of their 
>murders.  We have the autopsy reports, we have photos of the twisted 
>bodies, of the tortured, gassed, mutilated, and burned. 
>Righteous people of the world: Look! You are the jury.  Look at our 
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