Time: Fri Dec 12 06:49:46 1997
To: Patricia Neill <pnpj@db1.cc.rochester.edu>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Reels of Propaganda and apologists
Bcc: sls

I know a few dinosaurs you did not kill, Patty.

Are you ready for round two?  :)

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:43 AM 12/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I hereby apologize to everyone for killing all the dinosaurs. I just
>couldn't hep mysel, being the nasty white person I am. After that, I
>deliberately kicked the everliving shit outta a whole bunch of
>Baal-worshipping faggots. Then I burned millions of old wommin witches at
>the stake just for fun and to hear them squeal. I sent the Black Death,
>spread it on purpose. I am, after all,  white, and therefore all powerful,
>and you better believe all Evil. I happen not to be male, but that hasn't
>stopped my whiteness. I'd gladly sell all the blacks into slavery again, if
>I could find someone stupid enough to buy the worthless, self-pitying sacks
>of shit.
>There. Now I feel better. Nothing like a good snit to cheer me up.
>Here's a much nicer note from Jane. Thanks...
>You know, if we keep going far enough back with this hand-wringing guilt for
>something that happened before even our great-grandparents were born (if
>they were even born in this country), we're going to eventually be working
>out apologies for acts of the Roman Empire or something.  I don't feel any
>more guilty about slavery than I do about how 19th century people hunted
>down whales so my ancestors could have whale oil lamps.  I wasn't involved,
>thank you.
>I was at a memorial service earlier this week, for an old friend who
>happened to be a well-adjusted black man, and another friend talked about
>how, years ago, the two of them joked around, him calling Floyd "nigger" and
>Floyd calling him "massa."  You could have heard the gasps and winces from
>the white liberals a mile away.  But the thing was, it was pure Floyd.  (And
>if he'd been offended, he could easily have wiped up the floor with
>Moose---he was a big ex Special Forces type...)  I think it was good for
>some of these folks to hear stuff like this, because they were trying to
>remake the man, in death, into something a PC liberal could use as an icon,
>not the real person.  I was shocked by some of the rhetoric of the liberals
>at the service, since it seemed like the man himself was barely dead before
>they started babbling about "social injustices" that the man himself would
>have scoffed at.  He'd already ceased to be a person, and had become a
>poster child for various causes, including heart disease in black males.
>They even questioned his service record, saying he must have "made up" his
>service in 'Nam, him being "too nice a guy" to have been in Special Forces!
>Several of us walked out of there somewhat incensed, and did a lot of
>ranting and raving about how the liberals in his theater group were already
>rewriting history. 
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