Time: Fri Dec 12 12:56:23 1997
To: Daddyladdy <Daddyladdy@aol.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Re: SLF: IRS is an extortion racket

There are two classes of citizenship
in American Law never repealed.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 02:23 PM 12/12/97 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-12 10:16:40 EST, you write:
><< COMES NOW  Paul Andrew  Mitchell, Sui  Juris, Citizen  of Arizona
> state, expressly  not a  citizen of  the United  States ("federal
> citizen"),  Federal   Witness,  Private   Attorney  General,  and
> Candidate for  the U.S.  House  of  Representatives  (hereinafter
> "Movant"), to  provide formal  Notice to all interested party(s),
> and to  demand mandatory judicial notice by this honorable Court, >>
>    Hey Paul,
>       Interesting post, but how can you be a "Candidate for the U.S. House of
>Representatives," if you have denounced your citizenship ("not a citizen of
>the United States")?
>     I'd vote for you, but I'm not in your district! ;-) Move to N.J.! ;-)
>   Your friend,
>       Carl

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