Time: Fri Dec 12 13:07:04 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: It CAN Happen Here (fwd)
Bcc: sls

>>                      A Summary of the 56 Clinton Dead:
>>                       The Unknown and Deadly Side of
>>                           the Whitewater Scandal
>> Despite all you have read about the so-called Whitewater affair,
>> you have never seen the whole story, or anything close to it.
>> Here, for the first time, you will see the full horror gathered
>> together thread by thread.
>>          Here is what President Clinton hopes you will never
>> learn about "Whitewater." It is not just a flap over improper
>> loans on a piece of property.  It is a 13-year crime spree in
>> which Clinton was guilty of:
>>          Drug, Running, Massive Bank Fraud, Extortion, Non-Stop
>> Adultery, Attacks, Threats, Beatings, Coverups, Break-Ins,
>> Bribery, Thefts, Conflicts of Interest, Arson.  Money Laundering,
>> Offici@l Lies, Insider Trading, Rape, Election Fraud, Obstruction
>> of Justice, Campaign Fraud, Federal Witness Tampering,
>> Destruction of Subpoenaed Documents, and Being Accessory to 56 or
>> so Murders ...
>>      Ron Brown and his innocent friends are only the latest
>> in a 13-year-long string of Clinton deaths.
>>      In Arkansas and across the U.S.A., there are 56 dead
>> people who knew too much about Whitewater or Troopergate or
>> Cattlegate or some other Clinton scandal.
>>      In some ways, I know more than they did.  I spent 20
>> years in Arkansas, and I personally knew Clinton. Governor
>> Tucker, Vince Foster, Jim McDougal, David Hale, Don Tyson, Jim
>> Blair. and dozens more of that crowd.
>>          Some of the dead probably died by accident.  But it's
>> silly to pretend they all did.  For example:
>>          Victim No. 1. On September 26, 1993, Luther "Jerry"
>> Parks enjoyed a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Little
>> Rock.
>>          On the way home, his car was forced to a stop, and he
>> was mowed down by unfriendlies with nine-millimeter semiautomatic
>> pistols.
>>          The coroner pulled nine bullets from Jerry's body.  I
>> believe we can safely rule out suicide on this one.  And it
>> doesn't sound like your standard drive-by shooting, either.  In
>> fact, witnesses claim the hit man was a former state trooper who
>> was very close to Bill Clinton.
>>          Jerry was the owner of American Contract Services, which
>> supplied the guards for Clinton's presidential campaign and
>> transition headquarters. (Clinton still owed him $81,000.) So he
>> knew a lot about Clinton's comings and goings.
>>          As a matter of fact, Jerry had quietly been compiling a
>> major study of Clinton's sexual affairs for about six years.  Not
>> quietly enough, though.  Shortly before his demise, his home was
>> broken into and the study's backup files-filled with photos and
>> names-were stolen, according to his widow, Jane ... after the
>> security alarm was skillfully cut.  Nothing else was taken.
>>          His big mistake: "He threatened Clinton," Jane said,
>> "saying he'd go public if he didn't get his $8 1,000." And then
>> came the end.  The London Sunday Telegraph quoted Jerry's son
>> Gary, 23, stating the obvious: "...they had my father killed to
>> save Bill Clinton's political career."
>>          After a long investigation, Little Rock police detective
>> Sergeant Clyde Steelman cleave his character endorsement: "The
>> Parks family aren't lying to you."
>>          But unless you live in Arkansas, you probably never
>> heard about Jerry Parks.  If you lived in London (or Nairobi or
>> Hong Kong) you would know more.  Whitewater and other Clinton
>> scandals are a far bigger story overseas.  Many foreign observers
>> feel the Whitewater coverup is the biggest one in the world in
>> fifty or sixty years.
>>          Like the Watergate coverup 22 years ago. it won't work.
>> Jerry Parks made copies of his Clinton sex files, and Mrs. Parks
>> recently told me that one set was passed on to a federal law
>> enforcement agency.
>> There it awaits only the right moment to be brought into the
>> spotlight.
>>          Just as in Watergate, when the scandal breaks, the facts
>> will surface-and stock investments will nosedive.
>>          Victim No. 2. You must understand the central fact about
>> the Whitewater Development Corporation: It was not the main
>> crime.
>>          Whitewater was only a pretext set up by Jim McDougal and
>> the Clintons to milk millions of dollars from the SBA. banks,
>> Arkansas Development Finance Authority. -and Madison Guaranty
>> Savings & Loan (which was later balled out by us taxpayers to the
>> tune of $65 million).
>>          The Resolution Trust Corporation people eventually
>> figured out that their investigation of Madison wasn't setting
>> anywhere because it was based in Kansas City, where Clinton's
>> people stymied it.  So Jon Pamell Walker, a Senior Investigation
>> Specialist in the RTC's Washington office, began a campaign to
>> get the case moved to DC.
>>          Soon after, Jon was looking over a possible new
>> apartment in Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Virginia, when
>> reportedly he suddenly decided to climb over the balcony railing,
>> and jump.
>>          Jon's friends, family, and co-workers all agree on one
>> fact: This man was not depressed. Maybe he was Just impulsive.
>>          Victim No. 3. You may remember the name Danny Ferguson.
>> He is the Arkansas patrolman who once said he brought Paula Jones
>> to Bill Clinton's hotel room.
>>          Kathy. 38, his wife at the time, blabbed a lot about
>> such things.  She often told friends and co-workers about how
>> Bill had gotten Danny to bring women to him and stand watch while
>> they had sex.
>>          (Altogether, Bill had hundreds of women brought to him,
>> sometimes several a day.  Young, pretty women pulled over for
>> speeding or whatever would be offered a choice between a jail
>> sentence or a trip to go see Bill.)
>>          Part of Danny's job was to make sure that each woman was
>> ready and willing when Bill met her.  Kathy told people that Bill
>> was really mad when Paula Jones wouldn't "put out." Bill hates
>> to be refused.
>>          On May 10, Kathy was found dead with a pistol by her
>> right hand.  A suicide, the police said.  Only three problems
>> with this:
>> a.       Women rarely use guns to kill themselves.
>> b.       I can't find anyone who ever heard of a nurse shooting
>> herself. (Why should they?  They know all the right dosages for
>> pills, and they have access to them.)
>>          c. I've talked to three of the six nurses who worked
>> most closely with Kathy at Baptist Memorial in Little Rock.  They
>> gave me, in no uncertain terms, a loud message to convey to you:
>> "NO WAY did Kathy Ferguson kill herself." They are irate.
>>          Besides, they and two other hospital personnel carefully
>> viewed her body at the funeral home.  Clearly, they agree, the
>> small bullet entry hole, which they found stuffed with cotton,
>> was behind her left ear, execution style.
>>          (The autopsy falsely claimed it was in her right temple;
>> but that hole was quite large, which is typical of exit wounds.)
>>          They also mention it was a standing joke among her
>> friends that the right-handed Kathy was such a total klutz with
>> her left hand that she admitted she couldn't even apply makeup
>> with it.
>>          Footnote to story: About three weeks later, Danny
>> reversed his story, saying he didn't lead Paula to Clinton's room
>> after all.
>>          Second footnote: Bill Shelton, Kathy's new boyfriend
>> (since her separation from Danny), was loudly critical of the
>> suicide story and complained to many people about it.  Bill was
>> found dead on June 9. They're calling this a suicide, too.  But
>> he also was found with a bullet entry hole behind his ear.
>>          Ever hear of anyone who killed himself that way?
>>          Victim No. 4. Vincent Foster. who was Clinton's counsel
>> for Whitewater, was the highest government office claim to meet
>> an untimely death since the Kennedys.
>>          He could have killed himself on July 10, 1993, as
>> Clinton's first "Independent" counsel claimed.  But it's
>> rather doubtful.  The story line concocted by the counsel has
>> about 20 major holes in it.  A few examples:
>>          - Vince went out and hired two lawyers on July 19.  As
>> Clinton's man in charge of covering up
>> Whitewater. he had failed badly-and could see everything was
>> about to unravel (which it began to do in
>> Arkansas the very next day).  Question: Why pay for a lawyer to
>> launch a defense and then shoot yourself
>> a day later?  The independent counsel ignored this.
>>          After a somewhat hurried lunch in his office July 20,
>> Vince grabbed his racket and left the White House with the words,
>> "I'll be back." And then we are supposed to believe. apparently,
>> that he picked up a White House beeper, drove to his Georgetown
>> townhouse, got a gun. drove to a lonely park in Arlington. walked
>> 200 yards to a steep slope. went down into some thick bushes. sat
>> down, shot himself and then threw his glasses 13 feet away
>> through heavy brush, and wound up lying down supine and perfectly
>> straight, legs together. with arms straight down at his side, the
>> gun still in his hand, and trickles of blood running from his
>> mouth in several directions, including uphill.  What's wrong with
>> this picture?
>>          - Where's the bullet?  None was ever found even after a
>> massive search and excavation.  Could it be that the police and
>> FBI looked in the wrong place?   Georize Gonzalez (the first
>> paramedic on the scene) and his boss both insisted they found
>> Foster 200 feet from the official spot.  If they're r-i(2ht, then
>> why was the body moved?
>>       - Where are Vince's fingerprints on the gun?  All the
>> prints are someone elses!
>>          - Where are the skull fragments?  None were ever found.
>> Normally. a .38 will blow out a 4" to 5" hole, with blood and
>> brains everywhere.  Because of the mess and the noise, most
>> sophisticated hit men today repack their cartridges with a
>> half charge.  This explains the tiny, one-inch hole in the back
>> of Vince's head.  The counsel skipped this, too.
>>          - How could the soles of Foster's shoes have remained
>> absolutely clean?  That time of year, the soil in Fort Marcy
>> Park, where his body was dumped, is the stickiest. (gummiest
>> you've ever seen Ten steps, and your soles are covered with dirt
>> sparkling with flecks of mica.
>>          Who is the mystery blonde whose hairs were found on
>> Vince'?  And why did the counsel not mention that carpet fibers
>> and semen were found on his shorts?  In this age of detective
>> movies. how could anyone think such clues unworthy of mention in
>> a serious report?
>>          - The "suicide note" now has proven to be bogus!  In a
>> painstaking, three-month study by Strategic Investment, a panel
>> of the three most respected forensic handwriting experts in the
>> world unanimously determined the note to be a forgery.
>>          The bright yellow note, torn into 27 pieces (without
>> leaving one single fingerprint--try that!), suddenly appeared in
>> Vince's briefcase after an absence of six days.
>> During that time, the police and FBI had inspected the briefcase
>> and found it to be empty.
>>          - Today, thanks to the drug trade, hit men have polished
>> the "staged suicide" to an exact science.  If any sign of a
>> struggle remains, the killer has failed his task.  The trick is
>> to persuade the victim he'll be OK if he cooperates and then
>> shoot suddenly.  In the vile jargon of the professional assassins
>> I've had the misfortune of meeting, "Ya gotta butter up a turkey
>> before a roast 'im." To my utter amazement, neither the
>> independent -counsel nor the Senate investigators knew anything
>> about how hit men work today.
>>          Seven top U.S. forensic experts have gone on record as
>> saving that the pattern of powder bums on Foster's index fingers
>> is "not consistent with suicide."
>>          I could go on and on and on.  The counsel quoted reports
>> even an anonymous one-from visitors to the park that day.  But
>> some witnesses also saw "a menacing-looking Hispanic man" by a
>> white van with its big door open near Vince's car just before the
>> body was found.  The counsel left that out.
>>          - Instead of allowing Vince's office to be sealed after
>> his death, top Clinton staffers Bernie Nussbaum, Patsy Thomasson,
>> and Maggie Williams frantically rifled it for "national security
>> matters" (read: incriminating Whitewater documents) and carted
>> them off to Hillary 's closet upstairs.  In a stunning show of
>> chutzpa, they even made the park police and FBI agents sit in the
>> hallway for two hours while they did it.  And Nussbaum later
>> claimed it was only ten minutes! (An FBI agent disclosed to me
>> that a file was opened for obstruction of justice, but Bill had
>> it closed.
>>          Why would anybody want a nice, gentle fellow like Vince
>> Foster killed and his body dumped in a park?  For some excellent
>> reasons, which I detail in my book, The Presidential Mess: An
>> Emergency Guidebook for Investors.
>>          Believe me. it's a stunning story, and I'd like to give
>> you a complimentary copy.
>>          But the #1 reason is that Vince knew far too much and he
>> had to go because he was about to crack-and that would have ended
>> the Clinton presidency right there and then.
>>          Suppose, however, it was suicide.  Suppose Whitewater
>> was becoming such a horror that suicide seemed better than facing
>> the music.  What then?
>>          Then the only logical explanation is scenario #2, which
>> still puts Clinton in a very bad light:
>>          - Vince's Whitewater coverup was coming apart.  Facts
>> were popping up in the press and people were talking.  For
>> instance, Clinton's partner in Whitewater, Jim McDougal, had gone
>> to Little Rock attorney and 1990 Republican gubernatorial
>> candidate Sheffield Nelson and made
>> a taped statement which I have heard, saving:
>>          I could sink it [the coverup] quicker than they could
>> lie about it if I could get in a position so I wouldn't have my
>> head beaten off.  And Bill knows that.
>>          - So sensitive was Vince to criticism that he was still
>> bothered about the heat he was setting for his role in
>> Travelgate.  In fact, the independent counsel stated that
>> those close to Vince thought that "the single greatest source of
>> his distress was the criticism he ... received following the
>> filing of seven employees from the White House Travel Office."
>> Little did they know the whole story.  Vince had to keep
>> Whitewater details bottled up inside-even at home.
>>          On the day Vince shot himself. he received a shocking
>> phone call from an attorney at Arkansas' Rose Law Firm saying
>> that FBI Director William Sessions was about to subpoena the
>> documents of Judge David Hale.  Hale was a Clinton appointee who
>> charged that Clinton forced him to give fraudulent SBA loans of
>> millions of dollars to Clinton's friends.  In the Senate
>> hearings, Clinton's people denied such a call took place, but I
>> know for a definite fact it did.  And I'm backed up by the Rose
>> phone billings and Vince's phone log.  Also, Sen. Christopher
>> Bond (R.-Mo.) later confirmed that the call was from "an old
>> friend" at Rose.
>>          - About this time, Clinton fired his FBI Director-a step
>> so desperate that no President had ever taken it.
>>          - Vince realized that the genie was out of the bottle.
>> He had confided to his brother-in-law, former congressman Beryl
>> Anthony, that he was very worried that Congress itself was about
>> to launch a criminal probe into his affairs. (In this scenario,
>> the "suicide note" was actually the "opening argument for his
>> defense" before Congress-a defense which Vince told his wife he
>> wrote on July I 1.)
>>          - He was sure that in such a probe, the easy-going David
>> Hale would spill the beans and drag in Gov.  Tucker, Steve Smith,
>> Madison Marketing, Castle Grande, Whitewater, Vince himself-and.
>> inevitably, Bill Clinton.  He mentally added up the fines and
>> prison terms he would face for concealing Bill's crimes-many
>> of which he had taken a supporting role in.  The totals were
>> horrendous.  And the thought of being a central figure in
>> America's first presidential impeachment was too much for his
>> quiet mind to bear.  He told his wife and sister that he was
>> thinking of resigning. (But he still couldn't let on about the
>> Whitewater crisis.)
>>          NOTE:
>>          In recent days, you I ve seen Foster's fears come true
>> with the conviction of Tucker and the McDougals. Now, Clinton is
>> in the extremely awkward position of claiming, "Well, my partners
>> in Whitewater Development are all convicted felons, but I'm pure
>> as the driven snow,."
>>          In addition, Hillary has been proven to have done the
>> billing on Campobello (see below) and written lots of checks for
>> other Whitewater ventures, which makes her guilty of perjury
>> because she denied any involvement.
>>          And from my own data, I'm convinced that they also have
>> her on bank fraud, campaign fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.
>>          - Vince was cracking up.  Everyone around him agreed he
>> looked and sounded terrible.  The Desyrel prescribed by his
>> doctor didn't help.  So when the call came about Hale's subpoena,
>> he had to go home and think things over.  But there, alas, he
>> could think of no way out.  So he put two bullets in his
>> revolver, drove across the Potomac to the first quiet spot he
>> found, hid himself in some bushes where he could pray in
>> solitude, and pulled the trigger.
>>          There.  That sums up the most probable suicide scenario.
>> Unfortunately for Clinton, it's nearly as damning as the murder
>> scenario.
>>          Today everyone-from Vince's family to the press to the
>> White House-professes to be baffled by his death.  "How on
>> earth," they wonder, "could such a typical Washington flap as
>> Travelgate cause Vince to be so depressed?"
>>     Under either scenario. the plain answer is: It didn't.  The
>> thousand Whitewater crimes did.
>> Victims No. 5 & 6. Then you have the small-plane crashes, which
>> are fairly easy events to stage. Hit men commonly use any of five
>> quick simple techniques.
>>      One method was used on the first two victims, C. Victor
>> Raiser II, the former finance, co-chairman of Clinton's
>> presidential campaign, and his son, Montgomery.  Their plane
>> crashed in good weather near Anchorage.  Alaska. on July 30,
>> 1992. I respected Raiser as a man of integrity, but he was caught
>> up in a lot of the shenanigans of the campaign although he didn't
>> like them.  Eventually he soured on Clinton and thus became a
>> potential major leak and a big threat to Bill's presidency
>>     Victim No. 7. Herschel Friday was another member of Raiser's
>> committee and a heck of a nice guy.  His plane dropped out of
>> sight and exploded as he approached his own private landing strip
>> in Arkansas in a light drizzle on March 1, 1994.  Herschel was a
>> top-notch pilot and his strip is better than those in most
>> cities. (I know because I almost had to use it once when my own
>> plane's carburetor started backfiring'.)
>>     Victim No. 8. Just two days later, Dr. Ronald Rogers. a very
>> vocal dentist from Royal.  Arkansas, was on his way to reveal
>> some dirt on Clinton to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a reporter from
>> the London Sunday Telegraph. when his twin-engine Cessna crashed
>> with a full tank of gas in clear weather south of Lawton,
>> Oklahoma.  His pilot had just radioed that he was having trouble
>> and needed to refuel in Lawton. (I'm 98% sure of the technique
>> that killed both Rogers and Friday; it drops your fuel gauge to
>> "empty," then cuts off your fuel when you tilt forward to
>> land-and leaves no trace of a clue for investigators.)
>>      There have been six other air crash deaths of former Clinton
>> intimates and advisors, but I believe they were true accidents.
>> In fact, in the course of about 50 radio TV interviews, I've
>> talked with a number of people who blame every accident since the
>> Titanic on Clinton.  This foolishness distresses me greatly
>> because it discredits the actual known murders.  Yes, there are
>> likely hundreds of deaths among people connected in some remote
>> way to Clinton's scandals, but the probable murders are pretty
>> much limited to those you see in this special report and even
>> some of these could be accidents.  Your complimentary copy of my
>> book, The Presidential Mess, will let you judge for yourself.
>>     Victim No. 9. But Barry Seal's death was no accident.  His
>> story is so exciting that Hollywood made it into a movie
>> (Double-Crossed), starring Dennis Hopper and Adrienne Barbeau.
>>     Barry made about $50 million as a pilot and plane supplier in
>> Clinton's incredibly elaborate and successful drug-running
>> operation out of Mena, Arkansas.
>>     Iran-Contra was conceived as a simple scheme to use the
>> Ayatollah's money to send guns to the Contra freedom fighters.
>> But from that humble, Ollie North beginning, it blossomed into
>> the great Arkansas dream. Virtually every load of Chinese AK-47s
>> (plus light machine guns, grenades, and other small ordnance)
>> taken from Mena to Nicaragua was matched by a return load of dope
>> and cash flown in from Colombia via Panama or the Cayman Islands
>> on "black flights" that Customs officials and air traffic
>> controllers were instructed to ignore.
>>     According to an exhaustive, top-selling new book entitled
>> Compromised, by Terry Reed and John Cummings
>> (which I found highly HIV accurate), pilots were bringing back
>> and air-dropping- over $9 million a week in cash, which
>> was properly laundered and then went into Arkansas industries
>> owned by friends of Gov.  Clinton. (Not into Clinton's pockets-he
>> didn't usually do that kind of thing except to pay off campaign
>> debts and favors.) And in case you're wondering- why Bill needed
>> his land scams when he had all that drug money available, the
>> answer is. the drug operations came later.
>>     Incidentally, the money was laundered through such sterling
>> banks as BCCI.  Remember them?  I discussed
>> BCCI's involvement extensively with its Panamanian president.
>>     Five or six of the CIA subcontractor pilots running the
>> gun-drug- loop under Barry Seal have said that Nella
>> (near Mena) was chosen as the base for training Contra soldiers
>> mainly because its terrain and foliage were so similar to
>> Nicaragua.  Many local residents still recall camouflaged Latinos
>> holding maneuvers in the countryside-but they all agree it's not
>> healthy to talk about it too much.
>>     Iran-Contra was an impressive operation on both ends.  I
>> still remember standing on the deck of a flat-deck. flat-bottom
>> supply boat used to run guns upriver to the Contras in Nicaragua.
>> It was loaded to the gunwales with Russian-made rifles. machine
>> guns, rocket-propelled grenades, etc., in Chinese-marked boxes.
>> The captain and his partner. a German arms dealer, invited me to
>> sample the merchandise, so I pried the lids off a couple of
>> wooden cases, took out some AK-47s, and sprayed a few clips
>> around the woods. (Very nice guns, but I wasn't in the market.)
>>     In case this begins to sound like a far-right hallucination.
>> you should know that some liberal groups (ever opposed to CIA
>> tricks) concur.  For instance, The Wall Street Journal said on
>> June 29:
>>     There is even one public plea that Special Counsel Robert
>> Fiske should investigate possible links between Mena and the
>> savings-and-loan association involved in Whitewater.
>>     The plea was sounded by the Arkansas Committee. a
>> left-leaning group of former university of Arkansas students who
>> have carefully tracked the Mena affair for years.
>>     I wish them luck.  And good health.  The Arkansas Attorney
>> General. the IRS, and the state police have been met for
>> fifteen years with "a wall of obfuscation and obstruction"
>> erected by the Clinton circle of power-which is everywhere in
>> Arkansas.
>> According to Penthouse. which is not exactly noted for being a
>> far-right magazine:
>>     He [Clinton) controlled virtually all the 2,OOO handpicked
>> appointees to an array of boards and commissions that effectively
>> rule the state.... Anyone seeking to do business with the
>> state-and that included just about everybody running a
>> business-learned to expect direct solicitations by Clinton's
>> campaign finance people.
>>     Polk County Prosecutor Charles Black, to his credit, once
>> even sat down with Clinton himself and pleaded for a state
>> investigation of Mena!
>>     Bill said that "he would get a man on it and get back to me,"
>> Black recalls.  That was in 1988.  Black is still sitting by
>> his phone. (I'm sure Bill got a kick out of that interview.  I
>> recall him grinning as he made some comment about "dumb Arkies"
>> one afternoon at the brokerage I owned in Harrison one of a dozen
>> or so occasions when we spent time together.)
>>     But at the risk of sounding as bad as Bill.  I must remind
>> you that, after all, this is Arkansas ... where:
>>     - One governor before Clinton had every concrete-and-steel
>> bridge in the state insured for fire (yes. fire,).  Guess who
>> owned the insurance company.
>>     - Another governor, being indicted for fraud, simply canned
>> the judge and replaced him with the town drunk. Who then
>> dismissed the grand jury.
>>     So just think of Bill as a traditional.  Arkansas kind of
>> politician.
>>     But I digress.  Barry Seal was eventually arrested by the
>> Federal Drug Enforcement Administration.  To get off the hook,
>> he turned state's evidence and fingered several big drug dealers.
>> He even managed to take clandestine photographs of major
>> Colombian and Panamanian figures, one of which President Reagan
>> showed proudly in a nationwide TV speech.
>>     But in the end, the DEA betrayed the flamboyant Barry by
>> allowing him to be sentenced to a halfway house, where
>> a few days later he was a sitting duck for three Colombian
>> avengers with Uzi and MAC-10 submachine guns with silencers.
>> The ending wasn't pretty, but it made a hard-hitting movie.
>>     Why did the DEA dump Barry?  Perhaps because, as Clinton
>> observed to Terry Reed.  "Seal just got too damn big for his
>> britches and that scum basically deserved to die, in my
>> opinion..."
>>     I'm not saying Bill ran Iran-Contra.  He didn't-not even the
>> Arkansas half of it.  But five men in the Mena operation (sorry,
>> I can't reveal their names to you) have affirmed that he provided
>> their cover as governor and "rode herd" on them thoroughly the
>> Intelligence Division of the state police.  Other high officials
>> helped.  Why'?  Because the Arkansas state bonds program (ADFA)
>> received 10% of the net profits-plus the use of 100% of the gross
>> in their banks as they laundered it.  Quite a boost to the
>> economy!
>>     At least that was the deal cut with Clinton.  But the Mena
>> operations (code-named Centaur Rose and Jade Bridge by Reagan's
>> CIA Director Wm.  Casey) finally had to be yanked from Arkansas
>> and moved to Mexico under the name Operation Screw Worm.  Simple
>> reason: Bill and friends just couldn't resist putting Arkansas'
>> hand deeper into the till than they were supposed to.
>>     In fact. eyewitness Reed details at length the tense meeting
>> in which William P. Barr-later President Bush's Attorney
>> General-breaks the bad news to a very angry Clinton. (Sorry, I
>> must condense the conversation greatly.  You've got to read his
>> book!)
>>     On a March night in 1986, they met with Reed.  Oliver North,
>> and two other CIA men in a musty, poorly-lit World War II
>> ammunition bunker at Camp Robinson outside Little Rock.
>>     After several sharp exchanges and traded insults.  Barr said,
>> "The deal we made was to launder our money through your bond
>> business.  What we didn't plan on was you ... shrinking our
>> laundry......
>> That's why we're pulling the operation out of Arkansas.  It's
>> become a liability for us.  We don't need live liabilities."
>>     "What do ya' mean. live liabilities?" Clinton demanded.
>>     "There's no such thing as a dead liability.  It's an
>> oxymoron. get it?  Oh, or didn't you Rhodes Scholars study things
>> like that?" Barr snapped.
>>     "What!  Are you threatening' us?  Because if ya' are..."
>>     From that point on, Barr was able to smooth things out. and
>> he concluded with the most eye-opening passage of the book:
>>     You and your state have been our greatest asset.  The beauty
>> of this. as you know, is that you're a Democrat. and with our
>> ability to influence both parties, this country can net beyond
>> partisan gridlock.  Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that
>> unless you f--- up and do something stupid, you're No. I on the
>> short list for a shot at the job you've always wanted [meaning
>> the Presidency].  That's pretty heavy stuff.  Bill.  So why don't
>> you help us keep a lid on this and we'll all be promoted
>> together.
>>     You and guys like us are the fathers of the new government.
>> Hell. we're the new covenant.
>>     An amazing statement. wasn't it?  Especially for 1986.
>>     Victims No. 10 & 11.  Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two Bryant,
>> Arkansas, teenagers. apparently were a bit too snoopy about the
>> air drops of dope and cash they had observed in the nearby
>> countryside at night (part of the Mena operation).
>>     They were found on the morning of August 23, 1987, having
>> been run over by a train.  "They fell asleep on the tracks."
>> according to state medical examiner Fahmy Malak. a Clinton
>> appointee who had earned the anger of the locals by pulling such
>> stunts before.
>>     (Remember when Clinton's late mother, anesthesia nurse
>> Virginia Kelley, caused the death of two patients by neglect'?
>> Malak was the one who cleared her.  Malak once ruled a man with
>> four bullets in his chest to be a suicide.  He even declared that
>> a decapitated man had died of "natural causes," a ruling Clinton
>> defended as a mere symptom of overwork.)
>>     Malak's opinion caused a big ruckus locally.  Eventually, the
>> boys' irate parents managed to get a second coroner's opinion,
>> and the official causes of death were changed to being stabbed in
>> the back and getting a crushed skull before the train came.  At
>> this point...
>>     Victims No. 12 through 17. ...six local people came forward
>> independently, each claiming to have some special knowledge about
>> the deaths of the boys on the track.
>>     All were slain before their testimony could do any good.
>> Police involvement is suspected in most cases, but not all:
>>     - Keith Coney had been slashed in the neck and was fleeing
>> for his life when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a
>> truck.  "A traffic fatality," police said.
>>     - Gregory Collins was found shot in the face by a shotgun.
>>     - Keith McKaskle was brutally stabbed at home 113 times. (He
>> knew he was doomed. and had told his friends and family goodbye.)
>>     The burned body of Jeff Rhodes was found in the city dump,
>> shot in the head-and with his hands, feet, and head partly cut
>> off.
>>     - Richard Winters was killed by a man with a    12-gauge
>> sawed-off shotgun.
>>     - Jordan Ketelson died of a shotgun blast to the head and was
>> found in the driveway of a house in Garland County.  "A suicide,"
>> the sheriff said.
>>     Do you see a pattern here?
>>     The watchdog group Citizens for Honest Government reports
>> that police investigator John Brown completely solved the case.
>> He then presented the evidence to members of Congress and handed
>> his files over to the FBI (which is run by Louis Freeh, who works
>> for Janet Reno, who works for you-know-who).  Naturally, he was
>> removed from the case, and the FBI has sat on the evidence.
>> Detective Brown says, "We know who killed these kids.  The whole
>> reason this case has been slowed down. stopped wherever we're at
>> ... (is) because it tracks right back to Bill Clinton being
>> involved in the cover-up.  He took care of everyone that ever
>> covered anything up in this case. everyone got promoted!"

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