Time: Fri Dec 12 16:33:57 1997
To: Nick Ashton <nickaa@citycom.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Power surge for Net access (fwd)
Bcc: sls

This was Tesla's dream:  transmit the
power AND the data signal from the same
power source.  His design would have
produced static-free radios, which
received their power from the broadcast
tower on a noise-free wave form.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 03:43 PM 12/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Power surge for Net access
>              New system could boost Net access in schools
>              A joint British-Canadian project to connect homes and
>              businesses to the internet via electricity power lines has
>              successfully launched its first trial in northern Britain. 
>              The first user of the revolutionary system is a British
>              primary school in Manchester. 
>              The system is 10 times faster than using conventional
>              telephone lines and is permanently connected to the
>              Internet. 
>                                 "The new system means
>                                 information arrives virtually
>                                 instantaneously, thereby
>                                 maximising teaching time,"
>                                 said Jenny Dunn, the head
>                                 teacher at Seymour Park
>                                 Primary School. 
>                                 "With a normal connection,
>                                 the children could lose
>                                 interest waiting for pages to
>                                 download." 
>              The new technology has been developed by Nortel of
>              Canada and Norweb of Britain. They will market the
>              system next year and it should be available to the
>              general public by the end of 1998. 
>                           Mark Ballett, managing director of
>                           Norweb Communications, said: "This
>                           technology will allow us to use
>                           existing infrastructure to establish a
>                           strongly differentiated service offering
>                           in the north west residential and small
>              business market."
>              The two companies said they had received over 150
>              inquiries about the system and were in detailed
>              discussions with 30 utility companies around the world. 
>              Peter Dudley, a vice president of Nortel, said: "Speed of
>              access remains a bottleneck for most users. As one of
>              the first practical low cost answers to the problem of
>              high speed access to the Internet, this new technology
>              will unleash the next wave of net growth." 
>              Norweb and Nortel unveiled the patented technology in
>              October. The system prevents electrical currents from
>              distorting Internet signals and other computer data
>              transmitted over the mains. 
>              With permanent access to data that travels directly from
>              the power mains into homes at speeds of up to one
>              megabit per second, the system heralds the first rivalry
>              between electricity and telecoms companies. 
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