Time: Fri Dec 12 17:24:35 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Information Hazzard (fwd)
Bcc: sls

>> by Paul A. Strassmann, US Military Academy, West Point; and Senior
>> Advisor, SAIC and William Marlow, Senior Vice President, 
>> Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
>Information is a hazzard,  the man sez:
>> By far the greatest threat to the commercial, economic and political
>> viability of the Global Information Infrastructure will come from
>> information terrorists. 
>  Who will these "terrorists" be?, and what sort of damage will they do?
>  Will they be Artisans of Propaganda?  Will they mislead and misguide
>  the people?  Will they fill our mailboxes with junk-mail like the
>  commercial users of the US Postal Service?  Will they clog our computer
>  networks with electronic noise?  Will they send out messages with their
>  personal opinions and hidden agendas like the editors of Holywood 
>  and Television?
>    "Information will be the ruin of my young men"
>            -Adolf Hitler
>    "It is error alone which requires the protection of government.
>     The truth can stand on its own".
>            -Thomas Jefferson
>Let me see if I can focus Strassman's comment:
>    By far the greatest threat to the commercial and economic exploitation
>    of the people of the earth under the political control of the Global    
>    Infrastructure will come from the free disclosure of the real truth 
>    through Freedom of the Information resulting from the First Amendment.
>There.  That "speaks" better, don't it!?
>Bill of Rights Day is MONDAY, 15DEC.  Support your First Amendment,
>National Soverignty and your Free Nation.
> North American Patriots Free Network
> www.net-link.net/~napfn/homepage.htm
>"Righteousness through Communications"
>    ~~~~~Pastor Mike Acker~~~~~

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