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>      N A V Y   M I S S I L E   D R O N E   D E B R I S
>      F O U N D   A T   T W A   C R A S H   S I T E  ?
>      (c) 07/28/97 Ian Williams Goddard
>      The Southampton Press [1] reports that on May 13th,
>      Long Island resident Dede Muma accidently received
>      a fax from Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical [2] that was
>      intended for the FBI's office in Calverton, Long
>      Island.  The fax indicates that parts of a U.S.
>      Navy missile target drone, a BQM-34 Firebee I [3],
>      may have been found in the wreckage of TWA 800.
>      The reason that Muma accidently received the fax,
>      which she passed on to the Southampton Press, was
>      probably because her fax number is 369-4310, while
>      the FBI's number is 369-4301. About the fax, the
>      Southampton Press states:
>         Official documents faxed mistakenly to
>         a Riverhead resident...show that the
>         Federal Bureau of Investigation...was
>         investigating whether pieces of debris
>         found among the wreckage of TWA Fight
>         800 were the remnants of an aerial
>         target drone used by the U.S. Navy...
>         The fax shows a diagram of what appears
>         to be a missile, along with a breakdown
>         of its tail section and a parts list...
>         The object shown in the fax was identified
>         this week by Jane's Information Services
>         in Alexandria, Virginia as a Teledyne
>         Ryan BQM-34 Firebee I, an air or surface-
>         launched recoverable aerial target.
>         The targets are used all over the world,
>         including within the military "warning
>         areas" that come as close as about 10
>         nautical miles off Moriches Inlet in the
>         Atlantic Ocean. The Navy practices shoot-
>         ing down drones within the warning areas.
>         Ms. Muma said she called the FBI when
>         she received the [Firebee] fax... Ms.
>         Muma was told to "send it along to them,
>         [the FBI] and destroy the original." She
>         said she asked what would happen if she
>         didn't do so, and was told "we'll have
>         to investigate you."
>     The source of the fax, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical
>     of San Diego, CA, manufactures Firebee drones for
>     the Navy. The "Firebee fax" Muma received was sent
>     from Erich Hittinger of Teledyne to FBI agent Ken
>     Maxwell, who was to pass it on to a Teledyne Ryan
>     representative at the FBI's Long Island office,
>     Walt Hamilton.
>     Hittinger of Teledyne Ryan told the Southampton
>     Press that the FBI contacted them to ask if orange
>     pieces of debris found at the TWA 800 crash site
>     were from one of their Firebee drones, which are
>     also orange [3]. Hamilton was then flown from San
>     Diego to the FBI's Long Island facility to examine
>     the suspected Firebee debris. According to Hittinger,
>     Hamilton concluded that the orange metal "wasn't
>     from our Firebee," which suggests that it was
>     from someone's Firebee, but not ours.
>     Question: If your business depended upon government
>     contracts, would you be inclined to prove that the
>     government, your employer, killed people? It could
>     prove to be a fatal business decision.
>     In early May 1997, while the FBI had pieces of
>     debris that they suspected came from a U.S. Navy
>     missile-drone, what was the FBI telling us? FBI
>     Director Louis Freeh was telling us it looks like
>     the crash "was a catastrophic mechanical failure."
>     [4] FBI agent James Kallstrom was saying: "We see
>     no evidence of a piece of shrapnel from a missile
>     or a warhead going through the plane." [5]
>     On May 12th Newsday [6] reported that with no
>     evidence of a missile or foul play, the FBI was
>     planning to end its investigation by early August.
>     Clearly, as we have already seen with the cover-
>     up of the explosives residue [7], there is no
>     correlation between the FBI's public-relations
>     front and the true story behind the scenes.
>     Rather than telling the truth that they suspected
>     a Navy missile-drone was involved,  the FBI was
>     pushing "mechanical failure" while simultaneously
>     intimidating Dede Muma with threats of an invest-
>     igation against her for refusing to destroy her
>     errantly acquired evidence of U.S. Navy culp-
>     ability in the downing of TWA Flight 800.
>     The skies off the Long Island shore on July 17,
>     1996 were filled with aircraft. Not only were
>     several Air National Guard aircraft in the air,
>     and not only was a high-speed vehicle heading
>     toward TWA 800 as reported by eyewitnesses,
>     radar, and a satellite, but a U.S. Navy P-3
>     Orion was flying almost directly above TWA
>     800 when the accident occurred.
>     Furthermore, several mysterious small aircraft
>     fitting the profile of target drones were also
>     seen in the area. Not only did Linda Kabot photo-
>     graph what seems to be a drone missile [8], but
>     the Long Island newspaper The Independent [9]
>     reported that witnesses saw a "smaller plane"
>     flying near TWA 800 at crash time. Indeed, a
>     Firebee drone looks like a "smaller plane."[3]
>     Even more, as I watched CNN on the night of the
>     crash, a pilot was interviewed who said he saw
>     what looked like a "stunt plane" crash into TWA
>     800. A Firebee looks like a "stunt plane," and
>     alas, it seems that they may have found parts
>     of this "stunt plane" in TWA 800.
>     Yet more, the Boston Globe [10] reported that in
>     addition to seeing "a brilliant flare-like glow
>     that streaked toward the plane," witnesses also
>     saw "a low-flying aircraft without lights cruising
>     off shore." Could that aircraft without lights
>     have been one of the aerial target drones, perhaps
>     Firebees, launched from Wallops Island on July
>     17th? [11] Drones can fly for hundreds of miles.
>     That there was such heavy military air-traffic
>     on July 17 should not be a big surprise because
>     there was a massive offshore military war-game
>     called "Global Yankee '96" [12] underway at the
>     time. Virtually all the military assets in the
>     air around TWA 800 that evening, including the
>     Air National Guard aircraft, where scheduled
>     to be involved in "Global Yankee '96." [13]
>     With such heavy military air-traffic and wargames
>     in the area around TWA 800, which was on the "Betty
>     track" (a safe route around active naval exercise
>     zones), is it a surprise that over 150 witnesses
>     saw TWA 800 being hit by a missile-like projectile?
>     Is it a surprise that parts of a Navy missile-drone
>     may have been found among the debris of TWA 800?
>     I would dare to say that it is not a surprise.
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>[11] The NASA facility at Wallops Island, VA, is used by
>     the DoD to launch target drones for the Navy. Keith Kohler
>     (keith.kohler@gsfc.nasa.gov), Wallops Island representative
>     told TWA 800 researcher Michael Davias (cintos@snet.net)
>     that several aerial target drones were launched on July
>     17, 1996. Message-ID: (328FB000.2E0D@snet.net)
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>     http://www.rl.af.mil/Lab/C3/current-events/gy_rap1.jpg
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