Time: Fri Dec 12 18:03:23 1997
To: Frank Conner <frankconner@west.ga.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: C.J. John Marshall (1801) (was "OUR WAR, PART 3")
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No, the fateful day was at the Tucson campus.

I went straight home to draft "The Lawless Rehnquist,"
and returned to campus -- to pass out my writing.

The Dean of the Law School did not go searching for me,
she went HUNTING for me, all over campus, until she
found me, and did we have a hair-raising conversation!

I told her, bluntly, that I had become a "White Nigger,"
and I could see her hair stand straight up from her neck.  

She then banned me from all future lectures by
the Chief Justice.  I told her I wasn't planning
on returning anyway, after he had said, "There has
been a change in doctrine."

Oh, yes, indeeeed.  Pronounced with a distiiiinct
London accent -- The Citeeee, I do believe it is 


Don't you know?  There has been a change in doctrine??

Richard Burton, where are you when we need your
magnificent vocal chords??

I shall practice, for the pending brawl -- 
on the floor of the House of Representatives.

What great fun.  Law makers?  HAH!!  Joking agaaaain,
are we, Flintstone?  They cannot even throw wet clay
and miss their own noses.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 07:31 PM 12/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Although I am on extremely-shaky grounds when attempting to discuss legal
>issues, I got your point about Marbury v. Madison, and I agree completely.
>I read your web-page posting on "The Lawless Rehnquist," and again I agree
>with you.  I am thrilled that you were able to embarrass Chief Justice
>Rehnquist.  (I assume that the Law School is located in Tempe.)  
>Back in the 1950s, I used to seek the Lost Dutchman (Peralta) Mine in the
>Superstitions with a couple of friends--heavily armed, of course, since
>crazed prospectors were still bushwhacking two or three prospectors per
>year around Weaver's Needle back then.  I haven't been back since they laid
>out that paved road to "Apache Movieland;" but when I was going back in
>there, the temperatures in the back canyons would get up to 130 degrees in
>August; and as far as I'm concerned, the Superstitions harbor the
>healthiest crop of tree cholla and sidewinders in the country.  The Pagago
>Reservation located between Phoenix and Why just can't compare.  
>I love Arizona, and particularly the Salt River Canyon.
>- Frank

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