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Subject: SLS: A Parable For Our Time (fwd)
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>A Parable For Our Time
>And there arose in the land a Council of the Wise.  And the Council looked and
>lo, there was great evil in the land.  
>The leadership was wicked, conspiring against the people to take all their
>wealth and enslave them.  The King was but a figurehead, being ruled by the
>The Ille, a group of the most unholy, had sought to turn the people from good
>and establish themselves as the Gods of the land.  And the people knew not.
>Those who knew, cared not, for the people were drunk with the blood of their
>brothers and they knew not.  
>The people had slowly become the sheep of the Ille.  They went where they were
>told, did what they were told and dared not speak against the Ille.   None
>could alone rise up. And the people were as sheep.
>The Council of the Wise saw the power of the Ille.  It was great. All earthly
>power was under their control.  Although few in number, the Ille had installed
>evil in high places.  But the people listened not.
>And lo, there came a celebration of the sheep, a remembrance of a Good King,
>whom the Ille had driven from the hearts of the people.  And the Ille mocked. 
>While the people were in celebration, the Ille unleashed their fury.  Plague
>and pestilence did spread upon the land.   The Ille took all the wealth,
>leaving the people to starve.  Great multitudes perished.  The Council of the
>Wise were taken from the people and silenced.  
>And the people knew the fullness of their slavery.  Those that lived were
>taught not of the truth, nor were they taught the words of the Council of the
>And in secret, the people did council together.  How could they overthrow the
>all powerful Ille?  The Ille was under the total protection of the King and
>his legions.
>There was Truth, and there was Freedom, but none knew how to find it.  
>One day a small boy found a scrap of paper, the only writings of the Council
>of the Wise still in existence.  And the words shouted out unto the people:
>		"Despise not the Ille, nor the King, 
>          for when they were weak, 
>          you sold your future 
>          for their fleeting favors.  
>          The Good King has given His Law.  
>          The Good King has provided for 
>          the rights of the people.  
>          Let every man who stands 
>          against these rights be judged.  
>          Let every man who aids the Ille 
>          be judged according to the 
>          laws of the Good King.  
>          And let their be silent justice.  
>          No open rebellion is possible.  
>          Those who council for rebellion 
>          bring the people unto slaughter.
>          Instead, bring those who serve 
>          the Ille to the Good King 
>          for His judgment.  
>          Execute that judgment with 
>          caution and secret.  
>          Let the word go forth that 
>          those who serve the Ille 
>          do so on pain of death, 
>          so that no man be deceived 
>          and work for false reward.  
>          Such is the will of the Good King, 
>          that his people might be free."
>Then, two by two the people entered into Holy Covenant.   Anyone who stood
>against the people were judged.   And the people began to take back their
>And the people raised up the words of the Council of the Wise and took it into
>their hearts, and guarded it greatly, that the Ille might not enslave the
>people again.
>* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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