Time: Sat Dec 13 11:11:19 1997
To: repub-d@u.washington.edu
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: auto insurance
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Insurance is only necessary for "motor vehicles,"
and these are strictly defined.  If the State of
California is not the holder-in-due-course of
the manufacturer's statement of origin ("MSO"), then
it has no legal interest in the car and cannot
compel you to insure an interest which the State
does not have.  

Your remedy is to:

1.  compel discovery of the MSO, or an admission
    that the State DMV destroyed it;

2.  institute quiet title proceedings as to the
    lawful ownership of the car.

If the State does admit they had it, at some point in 
time, then you prove unlawful conversion.  It is not
hard to prove that they had it, as some point in time,
because dealers are REQUIRED to convey the MSO to the
State DMV's;  this practice is uniform across all 
of the several states!

The State of Arizona REQUIRES dealers to convey
the MSO to the State, as a condition of registering
any new "motor vehicle."  If you have the MSO for
a car or truck, it is no longer a "motor vehicle";
the car or truck is actually a "household good",
by definition.

You have the fundamental Right to own and operate
private property, as long as there is no lien,
or "cloud," on the title.  A "certificate of title"
is not proof of ownership by you;  it is actually
evidence that the State holds the real title.

More details will follow this message.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 09:59 AM 12/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Paul Mitchell wrote:
>>There is an auto insurer who was buying
>>radio slots recently, to announce that
>>many insurers breach their contracts,
>>if and when a claim is presented.
>>I cannot remember which company it was,
>>however.  This data would make very
>>good evidence to support a decision
>>against buying any insurance.
>In California, insurance is mandatory, unless you can show proof that
>you are wealthy enough to instantly fork over $300,000 (I think) in
>cash to pay for whoever you injured in a wreck.
>And, starting just recently, the registration laws were changed: you
>must now show proof of insurance or other "financial responsibility"
>When you register your car every year, or else no tags.
>And third strike is, in some CA cities, cars without current tags,
>can be impounded by police... even if sitting in your driveway.
>What a country...
>Steve Maher

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