Time: Sat Dec 13 11:22:25 1997
To: <brendamc@admin.hilconet.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: final brief

Hi Brenda,

Our fax is working!  Yea Team!!

1. You indented "Defendant/Appellant." too far
   on the cover page.  Align the two, vertically,
   next time.

2. I usually switch on the word processor's line numbering
   option, so the brief looks like normal pleading paper.

   U.S. Supreme Court wants:

   0.75" top and bottom margins
   footers below this margin, centered
   2-hole punch above the top margin
   1.60" left  margin
   line numbers to the left of this margin
   0.40" right margin
   nothing in the right margin

3. If the Davis letter of 6/17/97 was a deliberate lie,
   and if it was transmitted via U.S. Mail, you have
   the man on mail fraud.

NICE WORK, Brenda!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,


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