Time: Sun Dec 14 13:14:14 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: terminating SSN
Bcc: sls, friends, liberty lists, dkiah@mediaone.net

Dear Friend,

Just write to them and say, "I quit!"

They will get the message, if you will
just have the courage to exit Babylon,
without delay.

Our Creator would not have ordered Us out
of Babylon, without also giving Us the
wherewithal to do so.  Trust Him -- He is very
trustworthy, unlike the district of criminals.

If I were your Congressman, I would support your
decision fully, even testifying on your behalf,
if necessary.  I make a good expert witness, with or
without the authority of that office.

The whole system is caving in, and the death knell
will be the approaching surge of claims that will 
happen, when the Baby Boom starts to retire.

The Baby Boom was a huge, unprecedented surge in
births in America, during the period of 1946-1964 --
easy to remember by inverting the last two digits.
1946 + 62 = 2008, the year when SS goes RIP, but,
of course, Congress is expected to increase the minimum 
age of benefit eligibility.  So, when you reach 61,
Congress will increase the minimum age to 65.

When you reach 64, Congress will increase it to 68.

And so on.  Do you get the picture yet?  There are
no funds in "reserve," because those con-tribute-shuns
were deposited in the General Fund, whereupon they
were "loaned" out to other government agencies, who
left IOU's in place of the money.  The government
bean counters have the gall to refer to these 
IOU's as "assets," when nothing could be further
from the truth.  Those IOU's are liabilities,
pure and simple, but there is no known way to 
repay all that money which was borrowed from our

Picture is coming in more clearly now, yes?

If elected, the least I can promise you is to 
tell you the truth;  whether I can solve this
massive intractible problem, will require
Divine intervention, and I am working with my
Boss on that very thing, right now, as you 
are reading this.  Okay?

Wanna help?

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

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