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Subject: Re: 'Noisy' Hillary Clinton and friends thrown out of club

He should have bounced her on his knee a few times,
before tossing her into the trash can.  (Just a metaphor,
mind you.  What's a meta for, anyway?)

Maybe then she would have gotten the message.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,

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>>Subject: 'Noisy' Hillary Clinton and friends thrown out of club
>>Now THIS might be a Club worth joining!!
>>FINALLY....  an establishment with enough CLASS
>>to recognize trash when they see it and with enough
>>brass to throw it out when it begins to stink up the
>>Johnny Johnson
>>R. Cooke wrote:
>>>    International News Electronic Telegraph Friday 12 December 1997
>>>    Issue 932
>>>    'Noisy' Hillary Clinton and
>>>    friends thrown out of club
>>>    By David Sapsted in New York
>>>    HILLARY Clinton was thrown out of one of New York's oldest
>>>    clubs apparently because she and a group of other women were making
>>>    too much noise.
>>>    The First Lady, in New York with the President for Christmas shopping
>>>    and fund-raising, was told to leave the 132-year-old University Club,
>>>    just off Fifth Avenue, by an elderly custodian, according to Cindy
>>>    Adams, a gossip columnist. "They threw us the hell out," said Miss
>>>    Adams yesterday. "Bounced us. We scurried away like scared rabbits."
>>>    According to Miss Adams, she had arranged to meet Mrs Clinton in a
>>>    reading room at the club, which started admitting women only 10 years
>>>    ago, after the President's wife had given a speech on Wednesday. The
>>>    gossip columnist arrived first and was, apparently, told off by the
>>>    custodian when she used her mobile phone. The "sculpture", as Miss
>>>    Adams calls him, told her: "The use of such private telephones is
>>>    against the rules here."
>>>    Miss Adams continued: "As I stashed the cell phone and the sculpture
>>>    shuttled away in the highest dudgeon you've ever seen, in comes the
>>>    First Lady. Hillary and I hugged happily. It was cheery, gushy. I'd
>>>    brought a shopping bag with my new fragrance, Gossip. It was wrapped
>>>    in tissue. She rifled around the crackling paper shopping bag. She
>>>    lifted out the crunchy tissue. She 'spritzed' some perfume."
>>>    Mrs Clinton, her chief of staff, Melanne Verveer, her social
>>>    secretary, Capriccia Marshall, and Miss Adams began chatting. "We were
>>>    all gaily settled into a few minutes of girl talk when the sculpture
>>>    loomed. He stood over us - Hillary and I were side by side, sunk deep
>>>    into the couch - and in a thunderous voice bellowed: 'This is not
>>>    permitted. We have rules here. We will not tolerate this'. "One of us,
>>>    I think maybe me, burbled: 'This is Mrs Clinton' and the sculpture
>>>    spluttered: 'This is not acceptable behaviour. You will have to
>>>    leave'. "We didn't know what 'this' was. Was it being women, was it
>>>    being noisy? "Mrs Clinton stood up abruptly and said: 'Let's go'. Our
>>>    coffee table was littered with tissue, a bottle of Gossip, someone's
>>>    Kleenex. We scooped it all up and, like scared rabbits, scurried out."
>>>    The club declined to discuss the incident yesterday. While a White
>>>    House spokesman for Mrs Clinton did not deny the incident yesterday,
>>>    she added: "Maybe it's something that has been blown a bit out of
>>>    proportion."
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