Time: Mon Dec 15 08:09:11 1997
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Subject: New DUI strategies needed 

Over HERE! Juliet my love.  In the bank vault,
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... money!!!

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>>From the Letters to the Editor - TNT - Today
>Thank you, ED KENEALY.
>Jackie Juntti
>Revenue - oh Revenue - Wherefore art thou - REVENUE?????
>New DUI strategies needed 
>The News Tribune continues to support state legislative DUI
>strategies, i.e., lowering the legal blood alcohol level,
>impounding drunk drivers' automobiles, etc., "if the
>Legislature gives cities and counties the wherewithal,"
>(Editorial 12-10).
>Has the increasing use of tax dollars for these DUI strategies
>reduced Washington highway accidents this past decade?
>According to your editorial, alcohol-related highway
>accidents increased by 19 percent in 1996. The cities and
>counties continue to receive most of the dollars received
>from the sale of alcohol beverages by the state for public
>safety programs. If additional dollars are needed, this source
>could be the "wherewithal." Simply stated, let the users of
>alcoholic beverages pay for the continuing support of these
>DUI strategies.
>Impoundment of drunk drivers' automobiles has been tried in
>this state, and was discontinued in the late 1930s or 40s.
>Increasing jail time, fines and suspension of driving privileges
>have not significantly decreased accidents by DUI offenders
>on Washington highways. Nor has decreasing the legal blood
>alcohol level. Too often, DUI offenders continue to drink and
>drive without licenses after failing to complete public funded
>diversion programs.
>The Legislature should not plan to give us more of the same
>with a higher price tag. Has the Legislature or The News
>Tribune considered requiring a valid drivers license to obtain
>an automobile, gas, tires, etc. as proposed by Drivers
>Against Drunk Drivers?
>New DUI strategies will be needed if we are to effectively
>reduce the number of accidents caused by drinking drivers -
>not necessarily those strategies that continue to call for
>increasing law enforcement, criminal justice and rehabilitation
> Olympia
> The News Tribune
>December 14, 1997

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