Time: Mon Dec 15 10:35:21 1997
To: "mel's fern" <fmissall@olympus.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: The incidental spy

Was this directed to Paul Freedom?

Please confirm, one way or the other.


/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:56 AM 12/15/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Howdy Paul, Fernie here, I looks like your popularity is going to get even
>smaller, as I'm cutting you from my list.  You say the greenies don't like
>you, for your opinions, and I can tell you now, nor would the patriot
>movement, at least those on my lists.  You see, we're property rights
>activists, we deal in facts, not fictions of "what ifs, possibles, coulds,
>mights, likelys, etc.. real data, not manipulated data.  I monitor over a
>dozen different greenie lists, as do seveal others, we redirect that
>information about the country, on our closed lists, to see the comparisions
>in each effected area to the area we live in, and also to look at the false
>information that the socialist greenies put out on that area.  In almost all
>cases, we do not partisapate in debating the issues brought up, for the
>greens have a very simple rule: don't debate.  As a few greens discussed on
>some lists, to debate is to expose real truths, exposing real truths, could
>confuse those that want to join us, without understanding the real picture.
>In other words, they need others to support them, so they spew the lies, to
>make it look like the world is coming to an end, enviromentally.  Once the
>main spokesperson has the less informed attention, they can easyly bend the
>truths, to support any statement, for the less informed won't or doesn't
>know how to check out the real truths, stats, etc... so they have faith in
>the leaders to provide them with the real truth, and not question it.  
>In your redirecting the 430 arce clearcut by BLM, to the greenies was the
>proof I needed to weed out who what sending information to the "enemy" in a
>sense.  You posted a few weeks ago, of wanting to start up a militia group
>in Oregan.  When you choose to play the devils advacate, between the true
>patriot, and the greenie, your going to fail in both camps, at least on the
>property rights camp.  We've been at this game for quite some time now,
>we've seen Spotted Owls, Marlets, Salmon, Bull Trout, Bisons, Wolves, Red
>Fin Dart fish, Kangaroo Rats, you name a species, and the greens want it on
>the ESA, with absoluately any proof to it's actually being endangered.
>Being in Oregan, you've seen your fair share of slugs, when a green can tell
>me that the tiger slug is an endangered species, something is really wrong
>with that picture.  A tiger slug is nothing more then a green slug mating
>with a black or brown slug, thus of the hundreds of eggs layed and hatched,
>some come out in the two different colors, but to call it endangered?  The
>same with Coho salmon, each river, stream is now having it's run of salmon
>put on the endangered list, tho a Coho, is a very common fish.  Turning the
>facts and truths around, the greens have declared that this species is rare
>and unuasal, when in fact placing any Coho eggs in any stream will produce a
>return of Coho in three years regardless.  By letting the Freddies, control
>fishies, rather then local control, your going to end up with yet another
>major clusterfu%^$%^4k up.  For the government now has control over the
>whole area, not the local government.  Twenty plus years ago, we had very
>few problems with our natural resources, today, thanks to the greenies, and
>special intrest groups, most of our natural resources are starting to run
>into difficulties, because rather then local control of the resources, we
>have national control.  If you ever took the time to "know thy enemy" read
>the real agenda of Earth First, Sierra Club, Wildlands Movement, you'd
>realize that they have no place in their plan for all humans, just special
>"wise use" greenies.  The majority of humans they want either dead, or
>stacked ontop  of each other in condos.  This is already becoming obveous in
>the Marine Santurary areas, only special intrest greenie groups are allowed
>to go in and collect data, and report their findings.  Funny thing is tho,
>when you compare their data, with procher data, they don't add up the same.
>Someone is lieing to someone here.  And poacher data comes from actual
>arrested persons in the "protected zone" game siezed etc... so who's lying
>to who?  
>Anyway Paul, good luck on your repeal laws, your militia group, and anything
>your trying to start, but your not going to get any information from me
>again, and I'm posting this letter to several other persons, so they
>understand and know why I'm taking this action.
>Release John Pitner, Shirley Allen

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