Time: Mon Dec 15 11:08:40 1997
To: heritage-l@gate.net
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Re: ROUND FIVE

The larger question of unlawful dominion
by the federal government, gets lost in
the din and clamour about racial prejudice
and racial segregation.  It is now clear
that the feds traded chattel slavery for
a more insidious statutory slavery, at the
behest of the bankers who backed both 
sides of the Civil War.  When Lincoln ran
out of money to prosecute that war, the
bankers were waiting, because they knew
it was inevitable that Lincoln would go broke.
But, when Lincoln turned down their usury,
the Rothschilds hired an agent to gun him
down in a public place.

The Civil War was fought as much to establish
a precedent for paper money, and that precedent
did happen, for better or for worse, a few richer,
and the vast majority now the poorer for it. 

Despite the well established prohibition 
against using force and fraud to 
create law, the feds have made a habit, 
for decades now, of establishing dominion 
precisely by means of force and fraud.

If the entire South were lily white, we 
would STILL be facing this question of
unlawful dominion, now standing naked in the
sun, and stripped of the confusing and
artificial trappings of skin color and its
manifold ramifications.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 11:28 AM 12/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Dan Bennett wrote (in response to a posting from--I believe--Elizabeth Wright)
>>OK, I'm weary of this, so I'm going to lay it out plainly for you.  I'm 
>>sick and tired of those who wave the Confederate flag and talk about 
>>Southern rights but who are in reality miserable white supremacists  
>>whose only goal is to restore Jim Crow and the racial status quo circa 
>>I believe that's what you and Mr. Connor are about, and if so, then in 
>>the same spirit that moved y'all to urge my enlistment with the NAACP, 
>>I'd like to encourage you to join the Aryan Nations, or the KKK, or the 
>>American Nazi Party, or one of the various "religions" that preach 
>>white supremacy.  I think you'll be far more happy there than you are 
>>trying to pass as Confederates.  Yeah, those groups are full of Yankees 
>>(in fact, you may have to move north, maybe as far as Idaho, to join 
>>up) but they're all white, and my bet is that you'll be far more 
>>comfortable with them than you are amongst Southrons.>  <snip>
>	*****                                                    *****
>I stated my true position re the NAACP and the white South immediately
>after Mr. Bennett first pulled my chain.  Now he has at last stated his
>true position re the people (like me) who want to prevent the NAACP from
>destroying our heritage.  Obviously he and I pursue opposing ideologies.  I
>have written (and am writing) at length--elsewhere on this list--about
>liberalism versus conservatism in the Southern-patriot movement; so I see
>no reason to carry my thread with Mr. Bennett any further.  (But if--as I
>believe--it was Elizabeth Wright's posting which Mr. Bennett was responding
>to this last time around, I'd have a hard time envisioning her wanting to
>join the Aryan Nations or the KKK!)
>Frank Conner
>Newnan, Georgia

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