Time: Mon Dec 15 14:51:16 1997
To: Jay Robbins <han-wi@ri.ultranet.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: IRS Stuff

#1:  I wrote a very scholarly, and very carefully
     worded, MEMO to several of their lawyers,
     many years ago, but they would not even do
     me the courtesy of acknowledging receipt
     of this MEMO.  It is now published in an
     Appendix of "The Federal Zone."

That's #1.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 04:45 PM 12/15/97, you wrote:
>As you know I am a member of SAP and would very much like you to elaborate
>on this. I have followed your posts with great interest and value a lot of
>what you have to say. I assure you that it WILL remain between you and I. 
>                                                            Thank you and
>                                                                     Jay
>If you like, I can tell you some things,
>but privately, about Becraft and the
>Save-A-Patriot fellowship, which might
>make your hair stand on end.  It did make
>mine stand on end, for quite some time.
>Hint:  Becraft told the New Life Health
>Center officers that the company no longer
>had a right to a jury trial in the grand
>jury subpoena case I litigated.  Upon hearing
>that he had done so, I simply recited FRCP Rule 38
>to the client, and he agreed with me that the
>language is rather clear:  "preserved inviolate."
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