Time: Mon Dec 15 16:56:52 1997
To: crusader@cbd.net
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Paul Andrew Mitchell's corrections

My deepest apologies.  

I need new reading glasses,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 06:34 PM 12/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>    I usually send this kind of constructive criticism personally to the one
>needing (IMHO) correction, however in your case i believe it necessary to
>speak for all in the IP List. You have sent a number of corrections of your
>post entitled 'Auto Insurance' to the list, but is it necessary to repeat
>your entire post each time? 
>   Must u continually insult the intelligence of those who give a damn about
>your info with repeating your original post? Can't u just announce to this
>list that 'obligation' should have been 'operation' and '1429' should have
>been '1428'? 
>   Paul, no one is the perfect communicator out here in cyberspace, so why
>must u try to convince readers that u are? Please continue your informative
>posts such as Auto Insurance, but give your readers some credit to make
>necessary corrections to your original posts without having to wade thru
>your original post over and over again.
>PS: Are u aware that your formatting sucks? Why not try reformatting to at
>least cover one column of a page?
>PSS: Are u the one, that others have suggested, that by prolific posts, hope
>to engage this list in extraneous material in order to divert the attention
>and efforts of others away from the solution of the tyranny in Amerika?
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