Time: Tue Dec 16 17:51:58 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Merry Christmas to Everyone!

A couple I once knew, who have moved to Hawaii
and are enjoying each other and the immense
beauty around them, once told me how it was,
in the Higher Realms, when Christ became Man.

The event was, clearly, one of Great Precedent,
because the angels were fully aware that the
infinite Being whose Face they are thrilled
to enjoy, without any limits, had then kept a 
Promise, made in Eternity, to instill that
Perfect Spirit in the body of a mortal Man,
and to become One with the basic elements
of that Living Creation.

Out of the infinite depths of eternal wisdom,
the angels were present to witness what surely
was an event, in their unique world, about
which the entire Universe, both seen and unseen,
would remark with special attention, special
grace, special holiness, and special reverence.

The Most High would enter the body of an infant,
and live among men, to laugh and love and grow
strong, to master the tools of a common trade,
and then to embark upon a Mission which was
destined, again in eternity, to change the 
face of Earth for all time, until the end of

This is Christ, the King of Kings, 
the Lord of  Lords, the Alpha, the Omega, 
the Son of the Most High.

This is our Best Friend!  We welcome you
into our hearts, and we pray that You will
heal this Land with your infinite Power,
your infinite Wisdom, and your eternal,
everlasting Love.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress


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