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Subject: SLS: Merry Christmas to Everyone!

You are very welcome, Cynthia!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

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>Thank you, Paul.  God bless you.  
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>>Subject: SLS: Merry Christmas to Everyone!
>>A couple I once knew, who have moved to Hawaii
>>and are enjoying each other and the immense
>>beauty around them, once told me how it was,
>>in the Higher Realms, when Christ became Man.
>>The event was, clearly, one of Great Precedent,
>>because the manifold angels were fully aware that 
>>the infinite Being, whose Face they are thrilled
>>to enjoy without any bounds, had then kept a 
>>Promise, made in Eternity, to instill that
>>Perfect Spirit in the body of a mortal Man,
>>and to become One with the basic elements
>>of that Living Creation.
>>Out of the infinite depths of eternal wisdom,
>>the angels were present to witness what, surely,
>>was an event, in their unique world, about
>>which the entire Universe, both seen and unseen,
>>would forever remark with special attention, 
>>special grace, special holiness, and special reverence,
>>The Most High would enter the body of an Infant,
>>and live among men, to laugh and to love and to 
>>grow strong, to master the tools of a common trade,
>>and then to embark upon a Great Mission which was
>>destined, again in eternity, to change the very
>>face of Earth for all time, until the end of time.
>>This is, surely, the Greatest Story Ever Told --
>>a profound Mystery of infinite depth, and 
>>infinite grace.
>>This is Christ -- the King of Kings, 
>>the Lord of Lords, the Alpha, the Omega, 
>>the Son of the Most High.
>>This is our Best Friend!  We welcome You
>>into our hearts, and we pray that You will
>>heal this Land with Your infinite Power,
>>Your infinite Wisdom, and Your eternal,
>>everlasting Love.  For You alone are Holy,
>>You alone are Lord, You alone are the Son
>>of the Most High, the Perfect One COMES NOW
>>to live and breathe among Us, His special 
>>Children.  We honor Your return among Us,
>>this day, every day, in every way,
>>until the end of Our time here.
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell,
>>Candidate for Congress
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