Time: Tue Dec 16 22:00:09 1997
To: protech@frugal.com
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: Re: SLF: APB on Roger D. Cravens [sic]

I don't know if anyone checked with them yet.
Can you?  I am going as fast as I can here,
with an empty tank.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:50 PM 12/16/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Dearest Paul (ever so polite)  did anyone check with Nurse Joyce Riley
>or Len Horowitz, D.M.D.??     Hmmmm 
>> >
>> >     Roger D. Cravens -- WANTED
>> >
>> >
>> >This is to inform you that the Internet user
>> >who goes by the name of Roger D. Cravens [sic] is now
>> >wanted for questioning in connection with the
>> >development, and administration, of a tainted
>> >serum while he was employed by the Centers for
>> >Disease Control ("CDC") in Atlanta, Georgia state.
>> >
>> >Mr. Cravens appears to have expended federal
>> >funds, under cover of sorting and forwarding
>> >provocative electronic email, from his government
>> >computer, which was connected directly to the
>> >local area network ("LAN") at the CDC.
>> >
>> >When confronted about the long hours which he
>> >was spending in this endeavor, and about the
>> >specific Congressional authority by which he
>> >was permitted to expend federal funds in this
>> >fashion, Mr. Cravens became extremely defensive,
>> >insulting, and then inexplicably dropped off
>> >the Internet for several months.  We were later
>> >told that he had developed a severe back problem.
>> >
>> >If you have any information which leads you to
>> >believe that Roger Cravens may be active in your
>> >immediate community, please inform the local
>> >County Sheriffs immediately, and provide them
>> >with a copy of this email message.
>> >
>> >Mr. Cravens is believed to have inside information
>> >concerning the Gulf War Syndrome and the method(s)
>> >which were used to infect American soldiers with
>> >this syndrome, before their assignment to the
>> >Gulf War with Iraq, many years ago.  Corroborating
>> >evidence can be obtained from the sworn testimony
>> >given by former Michigan U.S. Senator Don Reigle,
>> >to a Senate Subcommittee investigating the matter.
>> >
>> >Thank you for your immediate attention to this
>> >request.  Please also see the related email message
>> >entitled "SLF: This is CODE 3: ALL UNITS", copies
>> >of which can be provided to you, upon polite request.
>> >
>> >
>> >/s/ Paul Mitchell,
>> >Candidate for Congress,
>> >Private Attorney General,
>> >Counselor at Law
>> >http://supremelaw.com

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