Time: Wed Dec 17 04:54:09 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: More Comment from our friend, the Great Late Revenue Officer ;-) (fwd)
Bcc: sls

>> >
>> >     WASHINGTON -- The Internal Revenue Service has established
>> >interim procedures requiring higher level management approval of
>> >seizures of property for nonpayment of federal taxes.
>(large snip)
>Great Late Revenue Officer again provides us with his 
>anonymous comments:
>"It is accurate, I believe, that nothing of significance in outcome 
>will be seen, nothing discernable.
>It is simply another device, another effort in direct response to the
>public outcry.  However, the results will largely be the same.  Perhaps
>a very small percentage of people will avoid a seizure of their property
>because of extra scrutiny.  Usually, this would only help in the case of
>a misdirected employee; someone being guided by his emotions who may
>have let things get "personal" in the decision making process, or
>someone less skilled in getting the results by using the other, less
>drastic means available, or overlooked other obvious optional means or
>even options which " IRM procedures" require first.  So admittedly this
>will eliminate a few seizures.  But it will not eliminate the majority
>of them, where the higher managers simply are trying to ensure that
>their procedural rules are being followed.  In these cases, all that is
>generally happening is a delay of the enevitable.  The real result is
>that the "wheels of government are turning a bit slower".
>You are correct, because it does not address the real problem: employees
>are following manuals and code which is being misapplied.  So it is not
>totally worthless, but is nearly totally worthless."

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