Time: Wed Dec 17 05:17:38 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: TWA, Boeing seek missile evidence (AP) (fwd)
Bcc: sls, friends

>>TWA, Boeing Seek Missile Evidence
>>NEW YORK (AP) - TWA and Boeing asked a judge Tuesday to help them get
>>evidence from the criminal investigation into the TWA Flight 800 
>>explosion, including statements from people who thought they saw 
>>a missile near the plane.  The lawyers made the appeal to a 
>>U.S. District Judge during a routine pre-trial hearing in the case 
>>brought by some of the families of 230 people who died in the 
>>July 17, 1996 disaster.  A Boeing lawyer said the companies had been
>>denied evidence relating to the criminal investigation by the FBI 
>>and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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