Time: Wed Dec 17 06:57:42 1997
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From: believer@telepath.com (by way of Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar])
Subject: IP: Re: This is CODE 3: ALL UNITS



/s/ Paul Mitchell
Candidate for Congress

Dear Listees:

The questions raised about the validity of this "alert" are all extremely
on-point and worthy of thought.  I'd be very careful before jumping to
conclusions based on information not documented or sourced, but rather
based on assumptions and hearsay.  The following post questioning the
Mitchell "alert" asks the right questions, and until answers are obtained,
it would be foolish to get into a snit about this.


Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 05:28:45 +0800
From: Wes Thomas <west@sonic.net>
Subject: Re: SLF: This is CODE 3: ALL UNITS

Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar] said:

>CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES  and current  events  have  led  me  to  the
>conclusion that  the trigger  is about  to be pulled on the final
>stages of the plot for the takeover of America.

What kind of sources? What is their reliability and accuracy?
Which current events?  

>It is  now clear  that the United States Military can not be made
>to be  a  tool  of  the  Conspiracy

What Conspiracy?

>due  to  the  formation  of
>substantial pockets  of resistance  within the military and their
>reluctance to  attack/kill Americans  under any pretense short of
>overt aggression against this country.

What evidence do you have for those statements?

>As a  result, it appears clear that the decision has been made to
>neutralize the vast majority of front-line American military.

Decision by whom? What evidence do you have?

>As you  know, vaccines  have been used recently to spread disease
>very successfully.   If  you doubt  this, do  some  research  and
>confirm this  for yourself.   The  Gulf War  Syndrome was  only a

What evidence do you have for this specific etiology? 

>Now think  about this.   Why  try to  eliminate the military with
>guns, when you can get them to sit in a chair, one-by-one, and be
>The decision  has now  been made  

By whom?

>Foreign troops  are already  massed in  huge numbers  inside  the
>United States  and have  stockpiled hundreds of tons of weaponry,
>primarily under the umbrella of the United Nations.

What evidence do you have for this? Documentation, please. 

>Contact every  one you can in the military TODAY and urge them to
>voice their  STRONG OBJECTION  to the  vaccine  and  REQUEST  FOR

What evidence do you have that anthrax vaccine is dangerous? 

>The vaccine  is only  part of the plot to put foreign soldiers in
>control of the United States.  The overall plan is believed to be
>as follows:

Believed by whom? Where is this documented? Is this your
own speculation or do you have solid evidence?

>1.   Create a  biological/environmental emergency  which  can  be
>     blamed on foreign powers which will hasten the apparent need
>     for the vaccine.
>2.   The structure  what will appear to be a non-planned economic
>     collapse.
>3.   Allow the people to riot over the unfolding events.
>4.   Use propaganda  to encourage  the people to beg for military
>     intervention.   Most compromised  governors, and mayors, are
>     already poised to call for such intervention.
>5.   Install U.S.  Military into  key control  positions under  a
>     declared martial law/state of emergency.
>6.   As the  U.S. Military  becomes sick from the vaccine, slowly
>     replace them  with foreign  troops who  will not hesitate to
>     shoot Americans for any reason.
>7.   Put all  troops  under  U.N.  control  as  a  "peacekeeping"
>     operation.

>Also, go back and read all the information you can about how AIDS
>was spread  through Hepatitis-B vaccines and how tainted vaccines
>are spreading  disease at  an alarming rate.  

This information is well documented in Dr. Horowitz's Emerging Viruses book.
That is the first documentable statement you've made so far. 

>Then find out where
>the serum came from to create the anthrax vaccine.

Here's a hint:

The United States Army Medical Materiel Development Activity 
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5009 
Pharmaceutical Systems Project Management Division 
BPL3: 203 

PRODUCT: Improved anthrax vaccine 


RAD IV; Medical Chemical & Biological Defense Research Program 

Protective antigen (PA) from asporogenic strain of B. anthracis 
designed to protect military personnel against a potential threat use of
anthrax as a 
biowarfare agent. 

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