Time: Wed Dec 17 07:56:11 1997
To: TWStough <TWStough@aol.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: IP: Re: This is CODE 3: ALL UNITS

Hello Terry,

You are officially on the "bleeding edge" now.
Take my word for it! :)

When fear, or uncertainty, should grip you, take a 
deep breath and ask the Most High for guidance:

  "Ask, and you SHALL receive."  Remember that!!

He did NOT say:  "only ask for things which are
on my schedule of TO DO's for Wednesday;  otherwise,
contact Janet Reno for permission first!!"  Did He?

The Power we need in this terrible crisis can
come from One and ONLY One Source:  

       The Lord, Most High!

And, with Him, you cannot lose, as long as you
place yourself in His Service, at all times!

I know you know this, but I thought I would
just remind you, when the lead starts to get
a little thick (spinning or not!)

Best regards,
/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 09:38 AM 12/17/97 EST, you wrote:
>Wes has done this before.  The answers are obvious to anyone with half a
>I am not the only one who has come to question his motives.
>All I have asked is that people check it out.  The evidence is there and is
>When I said find out where it came from, I didn't mean like "off the UPS
>truck".  I meant what biological sources were used to incubate and harvest the
>organisms, etc..
>This may be another example of putting the fox in charge of the hen house if
>you get my drift.

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