Time: Wed Dec 17 10:30:03 1997
To: supremelaw@ibm.net
From: "Wallace Marketing" <godimond@gte.net> (by way of Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar])
Subject: A Most Important Article

After having spent nearly three years of study on the Federal Government,
Illuminati, CFR & Trilateral, Skull & Bones etc....  I found this website to
provide some of the most conclusive investigations into what  I belive is
the most important subject matter in this country and the world today.
It's realistic and is a warning of what is to come just like the World  War
that resulted in the the Jewish Holocaust.
http://www.isrp.org/articles/evange.html    and or
I thought I would promote this website and the articles in it.   Let me know
what you think.
Keith Wallace


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