Time: Wed Dec 17 11:53:07 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: CFR now implicated in child abuse
Bcc: sls, friends

>Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 00:49:57 -0800
>From: Herb Jamieson <HJamie@worldnet.att.net>
>Organization: grad student
>To: pmitch@primenet.com, HJamie@AOL.com, HJamie@AOL.com
>Subject: CFR
>Dear Mr. Mitchell:
> I realize that you are an extremely busy man, but I wanted to share
>with you some recent thoughts that have gelled in my 50 year old
>brain...I think I have seen the light...I spent the entire night reading
>up on the history of the CFR. One sentence was devoted to the alleged
>use of sex slaves by CFR members. After reading the Trance Formation of
>America, Chapter 16, I am not convinced that IF A Prosecutor can be
>found, CFR members whose legal domicile is within their legal
>jurisdiction can be prosecuted under color of state law for having sex
>with minor girls who have been programmed as sex slaves. I believe this
>is an inducement for major CEOs of corporations, major news media types,
>the privileged aristocrats of the United States (privileged by
>superwealth) and major politicians to join the CFR. This appears to be
>the only purpose of Bohemian Grove outside San Francisco, where WIVES
>are NOT ALLOWED! I know this all sounds rather nutty to the average
>person, but there MUST be a state or federal prosecutor somewhere in the
>country that will indict these bastards? How have the CFR people managed
>to keep local prosecotors from indicting them under color of state
>statute? Who is responsible for feeding ,clothing and housing and
>"educating" and programming these young ladies? I also suspect, based on
>comments in the Trance Formation of America, when these young ladies
>have outlived their usefulness, they , in many many cases are
>murdered...Council of Foreign Relations members are amoral, immoral, and
>support the CIA sale of illegal drugs at taxpayer expense. How can they
>bilk an entire nation? It is beyond me how they can maintain the
>chokehold they have. I read a lot from a minister in Toronto about the
>New World Order. He stated that there are good prople in the FBI and CIA
>and Royal Canadian Mounted Police opposed to these CFR NWO types. Are
>there no "good" prosecutors as well? I am going to attempt to compile a
>listing of "decent" prosecutors. I see this all as directly related to
>the airport planeload of children being exported to Paris form Denver
>Airport, (which has numerous Masonic Ritualistic markings)...
>I am going to collect addresses of CFR members  who reside in Texas and
>attempt to find  some of these young ladies who are programmed as sex
>slaves for these "leaders" who would be willing to testify against these
>bastards! I am also going to attempt to find at least one prosecutor in
>Texas who has the integrity to prosecute at least one CFR member for
>this barbaric behavior!How do I obtain a CFR annual report? Members are
>listed at the close of the annual report...Regards
>  Herb Jamieson
>email: HJamie@att.net

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