Time: Wed Dec 17 12:02:35 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: CFR now implicated in child abuse
Bcc: sls, friends

>Date:    Wed, 17 Dec 1997 00:00:00
>From:    [redacted]
>Subject: CFR
>Dear Mr. Mitchell:
>I realize that you are an extremely busy man, but I wanted to share
>with you some recent thoughts that have gelled in my 50 year old
>brain ... I think I have seen the light ... I spent the entire night 
>reading up on the history of the CFR. One sentence was devoted to the
>alleged use of sex slaves by CFR members. After reading the 
>Trance Formation of America, Chapter 16, I am not convinced that 
>IF A Prosecutor can be found, CFR members whose legal domicile is 
>within their legal jurisdiction can be prosecuted under color of 
>state law for having sex with minor girls who have been programmed 
>as sex slaves. I believe this is an inducement for major CEOs of
>corporations, major news media types, the privileged aristocrats of the
>United States (privileged by superwealth) and major politicians to join 
>the CFR. This appears to be the only purpose of Bohemian Grove outside 
>San Francisco, where WIVES are NOT ALLOWED! I know this all sounds rather
>nutty to the average person, but there MUST be a state or federal 
>prosecutor somewhere in the country that will indict these bastards? 
>How have the CFR people managed to keep local prosecotors from indicting
>them under color of state statute? Who is responsible for feeding, 
>clothing and housing and "educating" and programming these young ladies? 
>I also suspect, based on comments in the Trance Formation of America, 
>when these young ladies have outlived their usefulness, they, in many 
>many cases, are murdered .... Council of Foreign Relations members are
>amoral, immoral, and support the CIA sale of illegal drugs at taxpayer
>expense. How can they bilk an entire nation? It is beyond me how they 
>can maintain the chokehold they have. I read a lot from a minister in
>Toronto about the New World Order. He stated that there are good people 
>in the FBI and CIA and Royal Canadian Mounted Police opposed to these 
>CFR NWO types. Are there no "good" prosecutors as well? I am going 
>to attempt to compile a listing of "decent" prosecutors. I see this 
>all as directly related to the airport planeload of children being 
>exported to Paris form Denver Airport (which has numerous Masonic >Ritualistic markings)....
>I am going to collect addresses of CFR members who reside in Texas and
>attempt to find  some of these young ladies, who are programmed as sex
>slaves for these "leaders," who would be willing to testify against these
>bastards! I am also going to attempt to find at least one prosecutor in
>Texas who has the integrity to prosecute at least one CFR member for
>this barbaric behavior! How do I obtain a CFR annual report? Members are
>listed at the close of the annual report  ....  
>Regards [name redacted]

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 12:00:00
From: [redacted]

[Paul Mitchell here asked for permission
 to forward the above message:]

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

You have my permission. I am still looking to see if any prosecutors
anywhere in U.S. and Canada are willing to prosecute these CFR members,
and have posted a message on witchhunt list serv to that effect(215
members.) The whole purpose of false child abuse accusations is to seize
children who have actually been sexually molested by their parents and,
instead of sending the parents to prison, sending them to Harvard (no
joke) for a special course, and sending the shildren into sex slavery
FOR COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS members, who are of course leaders of
major corporations, politicians, and NEWS MEDIA leaders.  Apparently I
believe the 125 children on the airplane in Denver were "surplus". 
This is the way it appears to me ... I was falsely accused myself, merely
because the child's mother died of a cancerous brain tumor ....
I personally think these CFR people ought to be prosecuted!
Thanks again, for your response .... [name redacted]


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