Time: Wed Dec 17 12:12:53 1997
To: American <Independence@southtech.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: May be of interest to you

Many thanks, Cynthia.  We appear to be
on the verge of disintegrating the lid
of total silence surrounding the CFR
and its many branches.  

It's about time! 

Pray for guidance, and guidance will be
yours.  Amen.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 01:55 PM 12/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I thought some of this might be of some help to you.  The messages
>are from a friend who is researching mind control.  At her request,
>I've taken her name and address off.  I went to the article at
>http://toto.pitton.com/~lpar/threat1.html which appears below,
>and there are a lot of links you may be interested in checking out,
>law enforcement, missing children, etc.
>>>Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 
>>>To: Independence@southtech.net
>>>Subject: "spook alert" by michael sweeney
>>>On C-Span, today, there was a telecast of the installment ceremony of
>>>the new President of the University of Pennsylvania.  For those of you
>>>who may be unaware, this is a significant MK-ULTRA and other CIA mind
>>>control project facility both historically and currently.  In my list of
>>>CIA fronts and infiltrateds, it figures more prominantly with respect to
>>>multiple entries than perhaps than any other entity.
>>>The new President, btw, is none other than Judith Rodin, former Head of
>>>the Psychiatric Department of the Campus.  Anybody recognise that name
>>>in association with other organizations, such as FMSF?  This is a bad
>>>day in flat rock -- now, the whole campus is in danger of becoming a
>>>literal front operation.
>>>H. Michael Sweeney
>>Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 
>>From: American <Independence@southtech.net>
>>Subject: "spook alert" by michael sweeney
>>Do you know what the FMSF stands for that is referred to?  Cynthia
>>To: Independence@southtech.net
>>Subject: FMSF
>>Dear Cynthia,
>>   For a pretty long time now, the mind control victims have believed 
>>that this group of people might be responsible for covering up a 
>>sex/paedophile ring run by the CIA.
>>   This may or may not be true.  I have reasonable suspicions myself.  
>>   I also wonder, if the children are having problems with "false 
>>memory", if this a group covering up for child victims of mind control  
>>to keep the situation under control.
>>   Anyway, check out this letter I found on the internet:
>> http://toto.pitton.com/~lpar/threat1.html
>><H1 ALIGN=CENTER>More FMSF Threats</H1>
>>Today I spoke with David Calof, a Seattle therapist who is presenting at
>>the 1997 National Adolescant Perpetrator Network Conference "Sexually
>>Abusive Youth: Exploring Alternatives Within the Continuum of Care" in
>>Cherry Hill, NJ (near Philadelphia) on Monday, April 14 from 2:00-5:30.  
>>He will be presenting on a panel entitled "An Open Dialogue with a Recovering
>>Sex Offender, a Survivor of Childhood Abuse, a Sex Offender Treater, and 
>>a Trauma Specialist."  The conference is being held at the Hilton at Cherry
>>Hill ((609) 665-6666).
>>Presenting with David is Debbie Ingraham, a survivor activist.  Following 
>>a favorable article about their panel that ran April 7 in the Philadelphia
>>Inquirer, Ms. Ingraham began to receive harrassing and, more recently,
>>sexually explicit and threatening phone calls admonishing her specifically
>>from presenting with David Calof on this panel.  The callers have
>>threatened her with explicit sexual violence, and most recently have said
>>"Monday, 2:15, you will *not* speak". The callers have only threatened 
>>her vis a vis her presentation with Calof, and not a second presentation in
>>which she is involved. In addition to the telephone harrassment, Ms.
>>Ingraham believes she was followed in her car from the conference site 
>>for over an hour on her way home, despite the fact that she took numerous
>>evasive actions.
>>For anyone who is unfamiliar with recent history, David Calof has been
>>plagued by the harrassment of some 15 False Memory Syndrome Foundation
>>members/supporters.  The harrassment has included picketing, assaulting a
>>clinic employee, following clients, and legal action.  Chuck Noah, an
>>accused child sex abuser, who is the Washington contact for the FMSF, has
>>received three criminal convictions, as well as numerous contempt of 
>>court citations for his violation of anti-harrassment orders which are in place
>>to protect Calof, his staff, his clients, and his family, from the actions
>>of these 15 individuals.  Mr. Noah is receiving legal support from the 
>>ACLU in this matter.
>>I urge anyone who is in the Philadelphia vicinity to attend this conference
>>tommorow to support both Ms. Ingraham and David Calof.  Please also 
>>forward this message extensively, so that people will be aware of the kind of
>>terrorist stalking tactics being used to stop survivors and medical
>>professionals from speaking out against violence.
>>For more information about the conference, call (201) 299-5400.
>>Thank you.
>>Jennifer Hoult

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