Time: Wed Dec 17 15:08:18 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: Paul Mitchell writes to Bill Clinton
Bcc: Press Master

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TO:       Bill Clinton
          c/o 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
          Washington, D.C.

FROM:     Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
          Counselor at Law

DATE:     December 17, 1997

SUBJECT:  behold a monster

I just  went for  a brief  walk down my neighborhood street.  The
citrus trees  are ripening  here, and  on my  way to  the nearest
orange tree,  abundant with  fruit, I encountered a young mother,
strolling her new baby.  I asked if I could see her baby, and she
permitted me to smile at one, quite perfect little infant, barely
three months  old.   The child  was at  first perplexed  by  this
stranger, but  I did  succeed in  making him  smile, and  what  a
beautiful smile  it was.   It  was as perfect a moment as anybody
could imagine,  with the sun shining its unseasonable warmth, and
the baby  smiling back  from a  perfect-fitting white sweater and
matching knit cap.  Moments like this are infinitely precious and
beyond valuation  in anything  else, but life itself.  As mom and
baby son  strolled away,  she thanked  me for  the kindness,  and
tucked her  treasure's little  blanket, for  the next  stretch of
road ahead.

On the  way to  my favorite citrus tree, a flood of thoughts went
through my mind.  I thought you might want to know a thing or two
about some of those thoughts.

I would  have to  say that, the first thing which then crossed my
mind  was the "plan"  you have  conspired to impose on all little
babies like that, regardless of age.  It is true, is it not, that
you want  to mark  these infants with a subcutaneous transponder,
better known  as the  mark of  the beast?   Everyone who fails to
accept this  mark, will  be unable to participate in the economy,
thus depriving  them of  food and  other essentials.   In effect,
your plan is to starve such opposition to death, is it not?

Even if  young people  do accept this mark or, if they are forced
to accept  it, in the same way we were compelled to accept Social
Security Numbers,  it is  also true,  is it  not, that  you  will
encourage young  Americans to  enlist in  the military,  so  that
their young  bodies can  be contaminated  with tainted  vaccines,
just like  the ones  which were  shot into  the arms  of American
soldiers en route to Iraq?  These bad vaccines are tainted with a
lethal, contagious  brew which  will then  infect everyone  those
soldiers contact, even casually.  Isn't this true, Bill?

I could  go on  and on  about the  various "plans"  which you are
conspiring to  impose on this entire Nation, and the whole world,
but there  is really  no point  to enumerate  the details  of  an
obvious murder racket.  I wouldn't want to bore you now, would I?

You see,  Bill, there  are some of Us who know exactly what it is
that you are trying to do with America, and we don't like it.  In
fact, we  detest it.  We detest your corruptions.  We detest your
habitual lies.   We  detest your  arrogant greed and your selfish
lack of any decency whatsoever.  But, more than anything else, we
detest the  fact that you were hired to destroy this country, and
you are doing a very good job of it.  Isn't that true, Bill?

Now that we have levelled the playing field, at long last, do you
seriously think  that a  People like  Us, who  built  this  great
Nation from  the bottom  up, are going to stand by and permit you
to destroy all the fruits of that magnificent labor?  I certainly
hope you do not.  But, your contemptible conduct says otherwise.

Because, Bill, day after day, you are becoming more and more like
the monster  Adolf Hitler  had planned  to be,  but  never  quite
became.   A horrific world war engulfed him in the ever consuming
occupations of  a military  commander running  out of time, a job
for which  he was quite ill prepared, like you, but not before he
wreaked unprecedented  death and  destruction throughout  Western
Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Your unfortunate  similarity to  that monster  derives from  your
willingness to  plan the  utter destruction  of more than half of
the world's present human population.  This is no small feat.  By
numbers alone,  these plans  you are  fomenting stand  to put you
somewhere between  ten and  one hundred  times worse  than  Adolf
Hitler, just counting dead bodies to your eternal credit.

So, before  I go into any more ugly, tragic, and ruthless details
which are  now spewing forth from the White House, soon to become
the Red  House (if  you have  your way), please stop somewhere in
the district  of criminals,  and  purchase  a  nice,  big  vanity
mirror, on  your way  to the next cabinet meeting.  You know, the
kind they use at the local barber shop.

And behold a monster.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Mitchell

Paul Andrew, Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law and Federal Witness
c/o 2509 N. Campbell Avenue, #1776
Tucson 85719/tdc
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