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Liberal Construction of Provisions;

Supersedure of Federal or State Laws;

Authority of Attorneys Representing United States


Section 904 of title IX of Public Law 91–452 provided that:


“(a)  The provisions of this title [enacting this chapter and amending sections 1505, 2516, and 2517 of this title] shall be liberally construed to effectuate its remedial purposes.


“(b)  Nothing in this title shall supersede any provision of Federal, State, or other law imposing criminal penalties or affording civil remedies in addition to those provided for in this title.


“(c)  Nothing contained in this title shall impair the authority of any attorney representing the United States to --


“(1)  lay before any grand jury impaneled by any district court of the United States any evidence concerning any alleged racketeering violation of law;


“(2)  invoke the power of any such court to compel the production of any evidence before any such grand jury;  or


“(3)  institute any proceeding to enforce any order or process issued in execution of such power or to punish disobedience of any such order or process by any person.”