Re: Diversity Statute is a MAJOR KEY: graphic illustration

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Posted by Henry on May 31, 1998 at 23:25:34:

In Reply to: Re: Diversity Statute is a MAJOR KEY: graphic illustration posted by Two Cities on May 28, 1998 at 22:47:44:

: :: It's all contract.

: : It's NOT "all contract".

: : "Contract" is synonymous with equity jurisdiction.
: : The Constitution recognizes two OTHER matters
: : over which Article III grants original juris-
: : diction: law, and admiralty. The "common law"
: : [sic] is preserved in the Seventh Amendment,

: preserved to the people (men/women).

: Government (organized, "civilized" society) is based upon a
: contract. Government itself is nothing but a contract, and
: it's implementation. That the terms of this contract chooses
: to recognize that which it itself is not, is another matter.

: The unfolding is similar in the state scenarios. That
: needful rules have been made for those OBJECTS or
: ENTITIES of it's delegated concern is no surprise.

: ***We, the People of the United States ... ***

: presupposses the existance of the "United States".
: To further understand this contract requires knowledge
: of the nature and composition of the "United States",
: and the makeup of it's "People".

: That the People may be cognizant of the people is no
: more far fetched, than that BOEING may be cognizant of
: it's shareholders, should they be men in their own right
: and possession.

: The contracting parties are either men in their own right
: or acting as representatives (corporate) of something
: else. They are not both, unless each signed twice.


I, Russell Dean, jus soli, lawful Man of Birthright, lex loci, country of Montana, Yellowstone county, kidnap victim and hostage at concentration camp, INTERPOL Warehouse #81-600-1449 known as Yellowstone County detention Facility do by and through this affirmation testify as to the events of the morning of twenty-sixth day of the fifth month in the year nineteen hundred ninety-eight, anno domini.
I, Russell Dean, am presently, falsely imprisoned in dungeon Class "B"-11 with LeRoy Michael, a 7 1/2' by 12' irregular concrete bunker where we are locked in twenty-three hours per day. I sleep and sit on the floor and LeRoy Michael sleeps on the steel bunk.
This morning a y.c.d.f. guard whom I do not know by name came by and opened the door at what I would estimate was about 6 A.M. MDT, and asked, "Mr. Schweitzer, Mr. Landers would you like to participate in federal court today?" I said, "non-assumpsit, no such court." And LeRoy Michael said, "eleventh amendment a bar, I've told you before our Justices' in Common Law venue." To which the man mumbled a bit, closed the door and walked away.
Then estimate an hour late Rod Ostermiller purported US MARSHAL = INTERPOL agent and accomplices with video camera came to the door with offers of transportation, off that we participate, etc. begged us to go to the federal court to which we answered nothing and Ostermiller said, "silence means No";
Then at approximately one hour later a gang of y.c.d.f. tyrants and numerous US MARSHAL - INTERPOL agents came to our door, and by brute force dragged us out, slammed us face down on the concrete floor and chained our feet and put handcuffs on our wrist's behind our back. They then assaulted us by dragging us against our will backwards. Applying extreme torture by twisting fingers and wrists', and even jabbing with keys to inflict excruciating pain and injuries, in an effort to force us to sanction their treason and their federal crap in the several States;
We verbally cursed the perverts and shamed them in Yahshua's name, a call for righteousness. Then one big US MARSHAL type with crew-cut demanded I open my mouth to which I spit in his filthy face four or five times. He then threatened all with more requests for mouth crap tomorrow.
Casey John was one of the last to arrive and he was in bad shape experiencing heart attack symptoms. shortly the old whore Marie Brendal, a purported nurse came to check on his blood pressure. We chastised her and the other perverts. Then they purported to rush him off to a hospital.
Meantime we put a court of conscience on some, and officer Breeze of y.c.d.f. nodded yes and LeRoy Michael and I told him we recognize his repentance and forgive him. I then further cursed an officer Hahn (sp?) and Mulbeier (sp?) who are evil to the core.
Shortly the sham trial was canceled. then each of us were further tortured with more twisting of wrists and fingers as we were dragged back to the dungeons. We cursed the un-repentant so-called Marshals to Hades for their evil, satanic wickedness. One jammed a handcuff key under Rodney Owen's nose and proudly boasted, "I know a thousand (1,000) pressure points to inflict pain and will use as many as it takes to get you to agree to come into our federal court."
So, affirmed, my yeas are yea, my nays are nay this affirmation is true, correct and certain this twenty-sixth day of the fifth month, nineteen hundred ninety-eight, anno domini;

teste meipso (computerized signature)
L.S. Russell Dean Rex Russell Dean, testator

twenty-sixth day fifth month ninety-eight
Dear Kristin,
The gulag guards and satanic Interpol troops disguised as United States Marshals used extreme physical force on all nine Justices' to get us to the room where the T.V. cameras are located to view the sham trial.
Our arms were pulled behind the back, lying on the floor while cuffed and chained. Then the perverts lifted us up and said- - "Walk backwards". If we tried to go limp our fingers were pushed backwards until the pain was sufficient to force us to walk. We would not walk back to our cells and were again forced to walk by the twisting of arms, and bending fingers backwards.
So we are on a no water, no food diet for the duration. These treasonist bastards do not respect anything less. the outside people must adjust their priorities. If we do not take our Nation back now, may their participating immoral souls be judged quickly by our Creator Yahweh, just as we placed the curse upon the deranged guards.
The lead agent of satan told Rodney Owen he knows 1,000 pain pressure techniques and will use as much force as necessary to get us to agree to go to their court.
They used the handcuff key to press under his nose until he would walk.
When Casey John felt chest pains the perverts panicked and we cursed them further into the eternal lake of fire. None outside is clean while still participating in this treason against the Constitutions. II Chronicles 19:2-3 "Why did you help the wicked? And love the haters of JEHOVAH? For that, the wrath of the LORD is on you! However good things are found in you; For you expelled Ashwroth from the land, And settled your heart to seek your God."
By the weekend some of our weakened Justices' will collapse. we have no options inside. But the so-called christians outside have one option left - - a call to arms. It is over, if the sin of omission rules.
We cannot call out while the show trial is in effect. the word is - - murder me or set me free.

in Yahshua, chief Justice LeRoy Michael "put on Internet" twenty-seventh day fifth month ninety-eight

Dear Kristin,
Please try to get this message to Leonard Joseph if he is still here.
The satanic guards are pulling out all the stops on torture. We will not leave out cells on our own power so we are dragged out of the bunk, rolled over onto stomach with arms twisted behind our backs and cuffed. Then, if you do not walk, they double back your fingers until it sprains the joints. My left hand is swelled up considerably. My ankles were shackled extremely tight today causing blood to flow. They were not loosened all day. In the evening the leader used the handcuff key under my nose and caused a nosebleed plus a cut on bridge of nose. My left ankle was cut and scraped with 1/2" circle of raw skin exposed. My left wrist was cut on the way back to cell. Next our cell was ransacked while we were again cuffed on the pretended search for an officer's key. It was all harassment.
Their satanic level of torture has risen to intolerable levels. So all nine of us are on no water, no food until we are hauled out to a hospital. We are forced to these extremes even while the people outside cannot witness the brutality. If anyone disbelieves - - come see the marks.
Ralph Edwin was bruised on the hip and could not sit down. Dale Martin was dragged from bed and his hips dropped to the concrete floor.
The reprobates put a mask over my head before entering this unit (from his cell) so the other prisoners would not see the blood running down my face. Then they sent the nurse to our cell but I ran her and the two guards off. that's when the Interpol agents came back to the cell and ransacked it again. Dennis McCave denies this torture but we have nine witnesses and the bruises to show.
Yesterday, the Khazar jews used the handcuff key trick under Rodney Owen's nose until he messed his shorts. Now Leonard knows why his strong (er) brother was crying. Make no mistake -- we are in the bowels of hell right here in Billings, Montana.
The satanics cannot handle the fact we Won the case and their reaction is brutal torture behind closed doors. [The above was in LeRoy's hand, the letter is finished by Russell Dean]
There may not be much time left. Some here may soon be Martyred if nothing is done. Those gathering at Federal Building to picket may be a good group to come here and demand a visit to see how we have been tortured. they are denying torture in Billings Gazette, but the People need to know. this is Internet EMERGENCY!
They cannot stand the "fact" we're RIGHT, we've exposed their fraud, shut down their credit and Won!
In Heavenly Father, Yhvh, we call upon all Israel in Yahshua's name to take a stand with us against this evil. And emergency call!

in Yah! Russell Dean chief Justice LeRoy Michael

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