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Posted by Common Right Group at San Diego county on June 03, 1997 at 03:11:29:

In Reply to: Gold Fringe posted by Sterling Investigations on June 01, 1997 at 12:00:25:

: Dear Fellow Patriots:

: I understand that in the USC the gold fringe IS NOT specified as a part of the flag of the united States of America, but is there anyplace that explains what the gold fringe is? I've heard it said that the flag with the gold fringe is an admiralty flag, but where is that in the law?

: Thanks...

: Charlie Charpentier
: Sterling Investigations
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: (Wisconsin)

At 4 USCA or USCS 1, footnote 1, the discussion is there respecting Ops Atty General made in 1925 that, although not covered by statute, the gold fringe, size, placement of stars, etc. are under the authority of the President of the United States as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy.
However, it doesn't mater if the flag is a fabric with a picture of the Queen of Sheba. The finial at the top of the standard is at a higher station than the flag and is usually an Executiv (Presidential) Eagle/Crest or a Spear signifying courts martial.
Either way, if either is done to the 4 USC 1 flag, it's a desecration of the flag and constructive treason. Don't grab your peacemaker and go arrest a judge just yet. Measure the flag. Betcha find it isn't 1.0 hoist by 1.9 fly, and/or the size of the union field is of the wrong proportion, or some other cockeyed thing as described in the table of executive agency flags in 4 USCA 1.
What, then are they doing? Try establishing a foreign government within the state. Now check the constituion for the united States for that "State within a state" thingie. Of course the judges have absolute immunity. They operated in a jurisdiction entirely their own. They set themselves up as the master as in the master of a ship under their own heraldry (flag).
This bit goes on from there to the point of causing you to lose your next six lunches - in advance.
Think I'll go check your advertised website now.
Bye-bye - and please don't even bother to ask.....

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