Re: We HAVE found a way to make "it" stop (see within)

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Posted by Brian Oblivion on July 23, 1998 at 23:17:37:

In Reply to: We HAVE found a way to make "it" stop (see within) posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on July 23, 1998 at 19:01:39:

: The Preface clearly says that if you don't pay
: for the copy you obtained, you have stolen it.
: Does your copy of the Preface contain these
: statements, or not?

So what you are saying is I can pay $25 now and
the old version which resides in my archive can
remain online? If that is the case, then why
didn't you begin this relationship by stating just
that. Instead, I receive some threatening
wanna-be legal document via email?

Since you feel that I have taken advantage of
you, I apologize for educating people with your
ideas and directing them to your organization by
leaving your contact information in the document
and not paying you the $25.

My sincere apologies for the diservice I have
have caused you.

: All original editions say the exact same thing!!

I never had access to this mysterious original

When most people came across this file it was
already in text form. It was not ferreted out of
your files or off your hard drive by myself, or
%99 of the people you claim stole it.

Therefore, how were WE supposed to know it was
altered if we never saw an original?

: The terrible truth is that nobody has paid the
: $25 fee for copies they downloaded from the
: Internet, and L0PHT personnel are no exception
: to this criminal practice. They even posted
: it on a file server, so others could steal it
: as well.

You are right, it is unfortunate no one has paid
the $25 fee. But it does not
justify your actions at present. Going after
people that once HAD a link to a file that no
longer exists? That is perposterous. You should
be hounding the search engine maintainer for not
keeping up-to-date information in thier databases.

: Vultures of a feather flock together.

Why do people always use insults when they are
backed into a corner?

: So, because of all the grief which we have
: experienced, for being denied all this lawful
: compensation, the burden is now upon all
: Internet users to remove it completely, or
: suffer the consequences of lawful copyright
: enforcement.

The grief you experienced by recieving all the
new prospects while you were down and out earlier
this year? How do you think most people stumbled
across your site all these years? By having a
published work on the Internet, refering the
reader back to the source, for further

: It's too bad you couldn't even show enough
: respect to request permission to do what
: you did. You were more interested in
: testifying before Congress, and appearing
: on television. So, I don't believe you when
: you say I have lost your respect; you never
: HAD any respect for me, or you would have
: acted differently in the first place!!

There is no need for jealousy here. You obtained
a place in archives across the net that was
cross-referenced in search engines before you
cleaned up your life. Now you are being a
little selfish persuing water over the dam
instead of focusing your energy on expanding your

: Actions speak much louder than words ever will.

Ahh yes, the pendulum swings both ways...

: You are the one who chose "oblivion" for your
: name!

I acknoledge the void of oblivion, and prepare
for it, you sir, are slowly becomming consumed
by it.

Brian Oblivion
L0pht Heavy Industries

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