Let's get this matter behind us

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Posted by Shane Hanson on July 29, 1998 at 18:52:20:

In Reply to: If the shoe fits ... posted by Patrick Henry on July 29, 1998 at 16:59:52:

I guess I failed to let everone know were I stand on this issue. I fear my intentions have been misunderstood.

I do beleive that those who have made unauthorized reproductions of Paul's book are WRONG and should make restoration. But I fear that this is causing a great point of contention. I think that both sides should have tried to find a more efective way to deal with this problem, instead of draging are cause of freedom through the mud. Imagine what those not involved in this cause are thinking, now they all KNOW we are crazy.

There are many people like Paul Mitchell who deserve are gratitude and who have spent MANY year's researching and sharing there knowledge with people like myself. I ask that these people stand up and lead this country to freedom instead of trying to knock each other over all the time. I have hear of arguments like this happening before and it only serves to drive a dividing line between those that are all fighting for the same end.

I am sure Paul Mitchel is very frustrated over this matter. It's like as if you start a knowingly profitable buisness, but the customers keep stealing your produced or services.

I remember the first post that Paul put here on the theft of his book over the internet, seemingly harmless and I am sure his intentions were good, well go to that post now I beleive it has the most replies ever on this message board. What a firestorm. I'd say there were a lot of guilty conciouses out there.

In my opinion I believe that if we would all just stand together we would see a swift restoration of our government.

I wish I new of a beter way to express what I am thinking I have so much I wish I could tell all sides. My own mind is in termoil over how to make you all see beyond yourselves and to a greater purpose, to help your fellow blind and unknowing country men, to bring freedom to these shores once again. May God help us all. The hardest day are ahead I believe, and we will need each other to hold one another up.

seeking to bring unity,
Shane Hanson

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