Re: Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens???

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Posted by Shane Hanson on August 05, 1998 at 09:54:21:

In Reply to: Re: Does our governmet still represent and serve State Citizens??? posted by Tom on August 05, 1998 at 08:24:37:

The 14th ammendment does not apply to this problem as I am going to show. It was never ratified anyway.

In the article "State Citizens Cannot Vote" Paul Mitchell points out that each person who registers to vote is required to sign a form stating under penalty of perjury that they are federal citizens (subjects) and in most cases they are.


First by there birth certificate. It is issued to a child at birth by an authorized official of the corprate federal government (licened doctor) as I beleive Paul Mitchell pionts out in his book The Federal Zone.

Second they are federal citizens by there Social Security Number (SS#). When a person applies for a SS# they go into an area under federal jurisdiction (IRS office building) and receive a number for they federal citizenship and sign a contract with the corprate government making themselves corpate individuals, obligated under contract, to the federal governmnet, as Keith Anderson points out in his material.

And the list goes on: Drivers licence, a contrct with the corpate state of the ferderal government. Registering property, again contract with the corpate state of the federal government. And there are many other forms of enslavement that can all be shown to have a trail leading back to the federal government.

So wether these citizens file a form stating they are federal citizens or not they still are federal citizens by some other means. Making the people they elect only federal representatives.

And with no State Citizens voting there are no representatives for State Citizens. Meaning the Soverign State Citizen is put under the presured to adhere to the will of there servants subjects.

Yes, you read that right subjects of our suposed servants. Three classes of citizenship with State Citizens at the top, government officials the second, and any individual who is willing to submit to the federal government last. And if you study the history of England and the clases of citizenship they had that makes the third class equal to peseants and totally at the disposal of the Soverign.

Think on that for a while. Disturbing!

A fellow laborer in the work,
Shane Hanson

P.S. Much of the information I just gave is backed by documentation which can be found on my web site. But may be difficult to find do to the fact that the information is scatered over serveral documents that are not related to this topic. I will attempt to locate more sources of information.

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