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Posted by Ha, Ha, Ha on August 29, 1998 at 19:32:00:

In Reply to: More information please posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on July 16, 1998 at 17:02:24:

: : Thanks for taking the time to responed I found the information of great value. I would like a little more information though.

: : First how might I optain a copy of the of the book "The Federal Zone". I have been atempting for some time now to optain a copy.

: The book is presently out of print, and we
: are about finished assembling evidence against
: all of the Internet copyright infringers,
: in preparation for judicial enforcement of
: my exclusive rights in that book.

: It is quite shocking to discover so many
: so-called "patriots" who are so ready and
: willing to deprive me of the $25 book fee.
: The excuses they concoct, when we confront them,
: are even more shocking.

: I believe the Holy Bible refers to such
: people as hypocrites, and their fate is
: also well defined in that Book.

: The book cost approx. $250,000 to research
: and publish, and that does not include the
: professional compensation I had to forego,
: by leaving a S.F. investment bank to bring
: this work to the American people. I was
: making $120,000 per year there, and I left
: in the Spring of 1991.

: : Second you said that there was a proposal made last year to start issuing silver bonds. I was wondering if you know of (a site on the internet if posible) were I could get some more information on that proposal.

: I authored that proposal and broadcasted it
: over several email lists on which I was very
: active last year. Some list managers were
: extremely upset that I was so active as
: a writer, so they bounced me off their lists,
: using some other lame reasons.

: Assuming we can find funding, we are planning
: to load into the Supreme Law Library all 7,500
: email messages which I broadcasted to the
: Supreme Law School last year. The "Silver Bond"
: proposal will be among those messages, all of
: which will be indexed by the Alta Vista search
: engine.

: One key advantage of Silver Bonds, as opposed
: to a "gold standard," as such, is that raw
: silver is relatively plentiful. The right
: wholesale price should bring a lot of that
: raw silver to the surface, and into the
: U.S. Mint.

: /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell

: : Thanks once again for the great response.

: You are very welcome.

: : Also I pray that God helps you win your run for the U.S. House of Representatives. We need someone in there who will truly represent the people. I'd vote for you but I live in Wisconsin.

: Thanks for your kindness here.

: The role of a prophet is a very difficult one.
: You can show people the Law, but that will not
: guarantee that people will embrace the Law.

My, my, MODEST aren't we?

I hope you didn't twist your arm whilst patting yourself on the back like that.

: We have a saying around here: you can drag
: a dead horse to water, but you will also
: waste your time trying to make him drink it.

: I can tell you this much: those who have
: embraced evil in their lives, are slated for
: destruction.

: Such is the depth of deceptions which have been
: fashioned upon this once great nation.

: /s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

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