"Impeach Clinton," Paul Mitchell urges

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Posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 09, 1998 at 15:59:40:

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Paul Mitchell Wants Clinton's Ouster

Austin, Texas. Paul Andrew Mitchell, Counselor at Law and Private
Attorney General, today called upon Congress to oust Bill Clinton
from the White House. In an effort to place the Monica Lewinsky
affair in a proper historical context, Mitchell agreed that enough
is known about Clinton's misconduct to impeach him, even without
touching the sex scandals which have rocked the Oval Office in
recent months.
"It is difficult for me to shake my suspicions that Monica
and company were not contrived -- to distract the American people
from real treachery and treason," Mitchell stressed. "It was not
so long ago that Red Chinese double agents were caught doing
espionage, right inside the White House. I recommend that we
put Monica Lewinsky on the back burner, and do the hard work
required to answer some really tough questions: Did Clinton
sell the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to the Red Chinese for
$200 million, or not, and where did all that money go?" Mitchell
Mitchell here refers to the ongoing controversy, now nearly
forgotten, when the naval base at Long Beach harbor, California, was
sold to a shipping company owned and operated by the Red Chinese.
Within weeks after this disclosure, U.S. Customs agents intercepted
a shipping container headed for northern Mexico, with a full load
of rocket launchers. Mainland China was reported to be that
container's shipping origin.
"The shipyard at Long Beach is one of the most modern
all-weather ports in the world. It has access to one of the
most sophisticated ground, rail, and air transportation systems
anywhere in the world," Mitchell explained. "I would not be
surprised if Red China plans to import heavy military armor,
to store at any number of decommissioned U.S. military bases,
to train and arm a large number of foreign troops flooding
into America right now." Mitchell claims to know exactly why
so many military installations have been abandoned by the
U.S. military, but still remain operational.
"America must fall for the New World Order to succeed,"
Mitchell argues. "The international banking cartel backing
the New World Order, cannot tolerate a single free nation
anywhere in their global schemes. If American cannot be
tricked or forced to join their plans, their entire scheme
will fail," Mitchell speculates. "Bill Clinton is a key man
paving America's path to global econonmic slavery."
"The Long Beach shipyard is only one of a dozen or more
serious Clinton violations of the public trust, any one of
which warrants impeachment," Mitchell added. "It is high time
that the American people came to realize they are being
manipulated, big time, especially by a biased and compliant
press. It is a sign of the times that America's most honored
heroes are playing baseball and not leading the nation," Mitchell

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