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Posted by Martin on September 09, 1998 at 22:22:14:

In Reply to: "... too commonly acquired by force or fraud ...." posted by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. on September 09, 1998 at 21:38:05:

War is the source of law and in today's case the 1861-65 war

is the source of U.S.,UNITED STATES LAW.


The judge at the Court of Constitutional Guarantees told Fidel

Castro concerning the court's lack of jurisdiction in

Castro's case against Batista; "Revolution is the font

(source) of law". The rest is history.

Reality says many wars were fought to change the source of

law to the victor.

The millions of people in the U.S. who comprise the political

power which maintains today's GOV. in power consent to the

governing of themselves by force under man's rules and

regulations (code law).


LAW OF NATURE. The law of nature is that which God,

the sovereign of the universe, has prescribed to all men, not

by any formal promulgation, but by the internal dictate of

reason alone. (Bouiver 1856 law dictionary)


Feel free to disagree. Your mind and thoughts are your's alone.


The Information contained in the following pages + links

has been provided to counter the BOGUS LEGAL INFORMATION

put forth by so-called PATRIOT-MILITIA leaders.

The "We the People" constitution is not law or legal.

Today the "We the People" constitution is political doctrine

in the context of deception and ruse which is legal under the

Lieber code which is (one nation's) law of war which is a

branch of the law of nations which is roman based law.

Law of war (war powers) do not depend upon any constitution

to exist (be legal).

Read the TITLES index of the U.S. CODE; You will find the

sections of the "We the People" constitution that were

codified into military style code and regulation.

Read The U.S. Code. You will find the real authority for the;

1) The Congress

2) The President

3) Flag and Seal, seat of Government, and the States

(including political subdivisions, today's "STATES").

So on and so forth!

Any person or organization which states that the IRS has no

legal authority to collect taxes is a liar or ignorant of law, surety, suretyship,

matters of equity + or does not know lawful from legal.


Hitler's propaganda minister:

Joseph Goebbels is said to have said: "There is no need to

argue with the masses, slogans are much more effective.

Slogans are like strong drinks to people. The crowd doesnt

react like men but like women, who rely on their feelings,

rather than on intelligence if any, Propaganda is a great,

difficult and noble art,------



This court has no jurisdiction.-The distinction between

judicial and political power is so generally acknowledged in

the jurisprudence both of England and of this country, that

we need do no more than refer to some of the authorities on the subject.

The Attorney-General quite understates the effects of these

Reconstruction Acts. Their actual effect is to restrain at

once the holding of any election within the State for any [73

U.S. 50, 64] officers of the present State government by any

of the State authorities; to direct all future elections in

the State to be held under the direction of, and by officers

appointed by, the military commander; and that all persons of

certain classes described shall be the electors permitted to

vote at such election. It is, therefore, an immediate

paralysis of all the authority and power of the State

government by military force; a plain setting aside of the

present State government, and depriving it of the necessary

means of continuing its existence. It is substituting in its

place a new government, created under a new constitution, and

elected by a new and independent class of electors

But these defendants cannot compel the registration. These

laws compel no man in Georgia, black or white, to be

registered; nor do they authorize the military commander to

seize and punish any one for not going to the election. It is

left entirely to the citizens to decide for themselves

whether they shall be registered or not. You cannot very well

stop them. What next? An election is held. Who votes at the

election? Just who chooses. How do you know that anybody is

going to attend that election? [73 U.S. 50, 60] How do you

know that an election will be ordered, or that, if ordered,

Georgia is going to accept the offer made by Congress? The

people that the State of Georgia comes here to protect, can

protect themselves against all this mischief by not going to

the election, because the mischief is the election of a

government that is going to displace the existing government.

But suppose the people go to the election and vote for

delegates; the delegates are not obliged to go to the

convention; there is no law to punish them for not attending.


The CSA was a sovereign nation. This sovereign nation was

defeated in the highest court of the land; the battle fields

of the 1861-65 war. This defeat created a new source of law

for the victors (the Federal Union forces). This 1861-65 war

was fought under the law of nation's law of war and the common

law of war not any constitution.

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