Re: More Historical Evidence (legal ruse + deception) of 2 Classes of Citizens

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Posted by Two Cities on September 15, 1998 at 10:48:27:

In Reply to: Re: More Historical Evidence (legal ruse + deception) of 2 Classes of Citizens posted by MARTIN on September 14, 1998 at 22:56:18:

I just picked up the form for informational curiosity.

: RE: My original entry preserved all spellings intact from the form.

: Below the TITLE at the top; right?

: And did this form use a roman calander date instead of Year of Our Lord?

: Of course it did.

Not quite correct. There is actually no "dating" or "daying" of any kind.
Time inference arise from the following affidavit:
"I will have lived in Washington at this address, for thirty days
immediately before the next election at which I vote"
That can of course be a long time. (many days)

The form leverages the address into
an "Address Where You Live", "City or Town", and a "Zip Code".
The named entity: "Last Name" etc also provides a "Date of Birth"
i.e. not born on a day.

: The title at the top of the form; was this title spelled in all uppercase or initialed as per a nom de guerre (name of war)?

: RE: If the contractual process can work one way, can it not by : reciprocity work the other way.

: You can go live like the old order Amish or Quaker anytime you want. Do not deal commerce, operate a motor vehicle upon a PUBLIC roadway or become employed. (Lots of choices right?)

Sounds impractical. Are they the only available role-models?

: Re: There were no upper-case "C" Citizens on the form.

: Of course not and no one can take part in today's GOV. under His or Her "so-called Lawful" Christian name.

: Who are you listening to?

: There are no longer any States that were a party to the "We the People" constitution.

I can understand how the "We the People" federation as you put it,
could be dissolved. The underlying nations (states) with the State
as their political representative, do not automatically dissolve because the
union is compromised. That would have to take place with so many separate
operations. But it is clear that most of the local legislation is
carried forth with an emergency decree, which is also stripped by the
Code Reviser.

It can be one of two ways, it seems to me.
1) Occupation
2) Dissolution and assimilation
but not both.

: You only assume this.

By studying I arrived at the conclusion that
"a tract of land" is described with language
quite different from "Real Estate", which again
differs substantially from "REAL ESTATE". Scribes
appear to have been involved in the process for
quite some time, and over time perhaps changing the
description of what is passed by the written instrument.

Some contracts are "dayed", most are now "dated".
Some legal descriptions seem to never leave the realm of
abstraction, i.e. they begin at points, instead of commencing
at places, and they come right back to the point.

And curiously enough a set of COUNTY COMMISSIONERS sitting as
a BOARD OF EQUALIZATION said yes, when asked if they would take
notice of property positioned differently. But they might have
been lying.

: Most lawyer and legislative tricks deal in grammer, misnomer and peoples assumption.

Got that far. The statute law committees tutorial on grammar
is quite extensive.

: Like Bo Bo Gritz told the Freemen; "the law has changed."
: Yes, Bo Bo knows the truth but he preached that the "Constitution" is Law the last I heard of him.

: Pychological Operation most likely!

Aren't they all?

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