Why to you mis-join the two basic and distinct forms of law (God's + man's) ?

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Posted by MARTIN on September 18, 1998 at 11:56:06:

In Reply to: Martin, did you miss this, or just not want to answer? posted by New Kid on the Block on September 17, 1998 at 23:52:05:

RE: Yes, grammer, not rules of punctuation.
What are you talking about? (punctuation?)

I am sure that I make many punctuation and grammar errors so you must be assuming something other what I meant to say.
English is very deceptive, lawyers must love it!

RE: You are welcome to explain the bias.
Long story and not here or today. (see Jefferson on the common law)

LAW OF NATURE. The law of nature is that which God, the sovereign of the universe, has prescribed to all men, not by any formal promulgation, but by the internal dictate of
reason alone. (Bouiver 1856 law dictionary)

RE: Actually, slavery was G-d's idea, but so was the Jubilee.
Or man's interpretation of a bible written by man.
(see Age of Reason by Thomas Paine)

RE: I do not want to become a dissenter or tax protestor, I want to understand so that I can make an intellegent choice as where I wish to
: serve my Lord and Savior, my family, and my Country/King. It is the deception that I find most aggravating.

Then why are you dealing in man's law and matter's of man'courts?

Why to you mis-join the two basic and distinct forms of law (God's + man's) according to English based Christians?

You sham any lawful Christian status that You might have by citing man's Law.

RE:The Book of the Hundreds.
RE: I possess the third and fourth editions. I am informed that a new expanded fifth edition will soon be available.

Possess? To You understand the misjoiner of man's + God's law according to The Book of the Hundreds?

I do not think You do and that is a big reason that I say not to use the non statutory abatements.
You can get burned if you do not understand this book and deal in man's law or commerce as man's courts see it.
One must live according to God's Law, the Law of substance, liberty, and self government or, one will live by the law of fictitious persona, without substance or liberty, and man's government will govern and punish all deviation from an arbitrary and capricious system and seize ones interest in property and persona at will. Man's government will make sure that Christians strictly adhere to God's Law or man's law. If one claims to be at common law in a Christian venue, yet lives under an arbitrary, non-Christian system, and daily engages in commerce forbidden by Scripture, one is punished for his lies, contradictions, fraud, and deceit, which are unlawful in God's court. If one claims the benefits of God's Law and His Providence and still wants benefits from Rome and the god Mercury (in commerce), one deserves what he gets. Christians who sit on a fence deserve to split asunder. God is long suffering and may take His own time but man wants his punishment now and has created the courts to fulfill that demand.

Now if You really are who + what You say + wanted to know something You would have emailed me instead of posting in this forum.

Citizen Representative

The intellectual part of religion is a private affair between every man and his Maker, and in which no third party has any right to interfere. The practical part consists in our doing good to each other. But since religion has been made into a trade,-------.

The only people who, as a professional sect of Christians provide for the poor of their society, are people known by the name of Quakers. Those men have no priests. They assemble quietly in
their places of meeting, and do not disturb their neighbours with shows and noise of bells. Religion does not unite itself to show and noise. True religion is without either. Where there is both there is no true religion.

It is a want of feeling to talk of priests and bells whilst so many infants are perishing in the hospitals, and aged and infirm poor in the streets, from the want of necessaries. The
abundance that France produces is sufficient for every want, if rightly applied;-----------.

I have already spoken of the Quakers -- that they have no priests, no bells -- and that they are remarkable for their care of the poor of their society. They are equally as remarkable for the education of their children. I am a descendant of a family of that profession; my father was a Quaker; and I presume I may be admitted an evidence of what I assert. The seeds of good principles, and the literary means of advanceinent in the world, are laid in early

Whilst France was a monarchy, and under the government of those things called kings and priests, England could always defeat her; but since France has RISEN TO BE A REPUBLIC, the GOVERNMENT OF ENGLAND crouches beneath her, so great is the difference between a government of kings and priests, and that which is founded on the system of representation. But, could the government of England find a way, under the sanction of your report, to inundate France with
a flood of emigrant priests, she would find also the way to domineer as before; she would retrieve her shattered finances at your expence, and the ringing of bells would be the tocsin of your

Instead of concluding in the manner you have done, you ought rather to have said:

Let us hasten to give encouragement to agriculture and manufactures, that commerce may reinstate itself, and our people
have employment. Let us review the condition of the suffering poor, and wipe from our country the reproach of forgetting them. Let us devise means to establish schools of instruction, that we may
banish the ignorance that the ancien regime of kings and priests had spread among the people. Let us propagate morality, unfettered
by superstition. Let us cultivate justice and benevolence, that the God of our fathers may bless us. The helpless infant and the aged
poor cry to us to remember them. Let not wretchedness be seen in our streets. Let France exhibit to the world the glorious example of expelling ignorance and misery together.

"Let these, my virtuous colleagues, be the subject of our care that, when we return among our fellow-citizens they may say, Worthy
representatives! you have done well. You have done justice and honour to our brave defenders. You have encouraged agriculture, cherished our decayed manufactures, given new life to commerce, and employment to our people. You have removed from our country the reproach f forgetting the poor -- You have caused the cry of the orphan to cease -- You have wiped the ear from the eye of the suffering mother -- You have given comfort
to the aged and infirm -- You have penetrated into the gloomy ecesses of wretchedness, and have banished it. Welcome among us, ye rave and virtuous representatives, and may your example be
followed by your successors!"


PARIS, 1797 [The French pamphlet is without date. -- Editor.]

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